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When did you turn your baby seat from rear-facing to forward facing? Lock Rss

My bub has it in the rear-facing position and is 4.5 months. The instruction label says up to 9kg but her legs seem to be to long for it now?
I turned my DD when she was 5 months as she weighed 7.75kg, close enough to 8kg like recommended on my seat, and she was sitting by herself and more than able to hold her head up.

It depends on how much your baby weighs

Here in Australia the law is that a child can turn around when they are either 6 months OR 70cm OR 9kg.

Having said that, In the US a child must be BOTH 12 months AND 20 pounds (approx 9-10kg). And in Sweden (who have the lowest car related child fatality rates in the world, a child must be approx 55 pounds - an average 5-6 year old.

It is recommended that a child stay rear facing until they reach the upper weight limit of their seat, which in Aus, is either 9 or 12kg.

You said that your DD looks to be getting too tall for rearward facing, but before you turn her consider there are many more child injuries from sitting forward facing in an accident than children who break there legs in an accident while rear facing.

Just for little bit more info, please check out YouTube, and search for rear facing vs forward facing. Its very alarming.

My DD's seat is rated to 9kg and she's just over 8.5, so in a few weeks when she reaches 9kg we'll turn her around.

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

My daughter is 7 months and weighs 8.5kg and I have just turned her seat this week. As PP said I would be more inclined to us the weight guidelines for your car seat.

The guidelines are 9kg or six months but it is by far the safest for your baby to keep them rear facing as long as possible.

In the event of an accident your baby is much better protected in the rear facing position. It doesnt matter if their legs are a bit folded up.
I waited until she reached the appropriate weight, which for her was 8.5 months. I wish I had a car seat she could have stayed rearward facing until 9 months as it is safer. I would wait as long as possible if I was you.

hi my girl is 10 and a half months and is still rear facing and weighs about 9kg, in nz plunket recommends they stay rear facing until 12months i dont think its against the law here if you dont do this though (not sure), our car seat says rear facing up to 9kg but we have decided to keep her rear facing until 12 months just to be a bit safer as we travel to christchurch to visit family often.
we changed ours when DS was nearly 7 months, the recommendation on our particular seat said to change it at 9kg, however DS had been 9 kg well before then, but i didn't think his neck was strong enough so i waited a bit longer. at 7 months he was just over 10kg, and it was getting very difficult to get him in it rear facing, so i changed it. he has been fine in it ever since (and now that he is 12kg it is so much easier to get him in! there is no way i could have waited til 12 months like some of the recommendations lol!)

My bub is 6mths and 7.5ish'kgs. She is still rear facing and will stay that way for a while. I just bought a new seat for my 2yr old and the lady who fit it said she left her bub rear facing for 12mths, that its the law in america and our seats aren't different from theirs just our standards and regulations. Does this mean that bubs is still safe rear facing after 9kgs!! Sometimes its so confusing to do the right thing for your kids!!!

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

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