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Getting petrol with baby... Lock Rss

Ive just read its illegal to leave your baby in the car, even for a few minutes. Sometimes I run in to pay for petrol without taking my eye off the car because im worried about the fumes my daughter could be exposed to at the petrol station!
Does anyone know if it is harmful to babies to have them at the petrol station with u? The fumes choke me up half the time, i dont want my daughter being exposed too!

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I can't imagine that it could be any good for them! I am so lucky, my partner fills the car up for me - I haven't had to stop at a petrol station since before I got pregnant. When I was pregnant he wouldn't even let me be in the car when he was putting petrol in as he was worried about fumes.

I agree with you about being worried that someone will run off with the car with bubs in it too. They should bring back driveway service or get the credit card pay at the pump thing working better, so we don't have to worry about it at all.

My husband does shift work so most of the time, if i dont fill the car with petrol it doesnt get filled so Im guilty of filling the tank, locking the car with baby inside, running like hell to pay and coming back as quickly as possible. it never takes more than one minute or so. As for fumes, i leave the windows closed, most petrol station bowsers are undercover and sheltered from the sun so for a couple minutes it doesnt heat up the car.
I was always wondering the same thing if it was ok to leave them while u payed for the petrol. With the car and bubs completely in site. I just try and get a pump as close to the shop door as possible and keep an eye on the car the whole time with all windows down.
To be honest I have never taken bub to the petrol station, firstly i find it irresponsible to leave a baby alone in a car even if its locked windows down whatever, it only takes a second then how would you feel if someone stole your car and baby was in it. 20/20 hindsite.
If hubby isn't home I ask mum to drop around or if family comes over i just ask them really nicely if they can watch the lil man for 5 mins whilst i duck out and get petrol even if the tank isn't fully empty but i know i'm gonna need it soon.

I've only gotten gas once while my daughter's been with me, and I left her in the car with it locked. Sure, even locked there is always a chance the car could get stolen. Just like there's a chance we could both get run over on the forecourt.
I have to admit I do get petrol and leave the kids in the car. I don't have anyone able to fill it for me and my family live two hours away so they can't just mind the kids for 5 mins. I don't consider myself irresponsible.
[Edited on 01/04/2009]
[Edited on 01/04/2009]
I have to admit that I do leave DS in the car whilst I go pay for petrol... although recently he has gotten inpatient so I have to take him out of his seat to go and pay.. but I def leave him in the car with all windows shut whilst I actually pump the fuel!
I think if the car is locked and you time it so that you are close to the door and not many people before is relatively safe.
I have noone to help me so the car has to get fuel somehow!

I leave bub in the car while i pump feul too. I make sure i always have cash so it a quicker transaction. the windows are always closed and the car locked and the keys in my pocket. then i go inside to pay. How it it possible for someone to steal my car?? Ok maybe they can break the window to get in but how can they start it without the keys?? Oh maybe they can jump stat it within 30 sec!?!? i think not. I am a very responible parent. those who tell me other wise can keep their comments to themselfs. Im not going to unload bub from the car for something that takes 30 seconds to do.
[quote]Im not going to unload bub from the car for something that takes 30 seconds to do. [/url]
I love it how people say this then cry foul if something happens to their kids. If you will to take the risk they by all means do so just be willing to accept the responsibility, how long do you think it takes to break a window?? More fool you.

For the ones that leave their kids in the car whilst their refueling with the windows up you may want to check one day (whilst your partner or friend is their) get them to fill the car up and you sit in it, some cars (not all) get a lot of fumes on them whilst refueling so you may need to think about leaving at least the front windows cracked.

i'll admit i leave bubs in the car when its time to go pay for the petrol i always use the one closest to the doors of the shop and never take my eyes off the car. most times i try to get petrol whilst my 7 and 6 year old are with me too that way they can stay in the car with the baby
Not everyone has the help of lots of family and friends just popping over when the tank happens to be empty, although it's a good idea. I hardly think that 1 minute in the shade when the aircon has just been on is going to heat up the car, i agree that in the sun it or for a longer time, it would definately get dangerous but at the end of the day, I dont think this topic was brought up so people could be judged.
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