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I was just wondering what you all put in your babys bath to wash them with.

Is there anything that you make? That maybe doesnt have many chemicals in it?

I use the Johnson's baby bedtime bath with the lavender. Though occasionally I'll also get the gaia baby bath which is all natural. Depends which one is on special!! I'm a bit lazy, I've never even thought of making my own bath stuff!!

I use all the Gaia products because they are ALL natural and organic.I even use the moisturiser on myself cause it smells lovely and works so well.Johnsons is the most toxic brand in baby care(which makes it so much worse that hospitals recommend and use it)it contains the most chemicals out of just about any other brands.
Hope this helps.


Good question. I've been searching for something that isn't like paint-stripper! At the moment I'm using Aromababy Mother and Child Massage Oil - just a few drops in the bath. You can buy it from Toys R Us and Babies R Us. My DD has really dry skin at the moment (colder weather?). I don't like Johnsons either, last time I used the Top-To-Toe wash she got all itchy and red.
we used to always use QV wash as DS had excema. now his excema seems to have disappeared (yay!), so we have been using the bath wash's we were given as gifts (johnsons etc) and they have been fine.

the qv one is quite good tho if you are looking for one for sensitive skin. the qv oil is also recommended but it makes bub very slippery and i would be worried i would drop them!

You don't even really need to use a bath wash if you don't want to, just water or water with a couple of drops of olive oil (like you use for cooking) is fine.

There are plenty of brands out there that are made from natural/organic products only. The Gaia Naturals range is lovely - the shampoo smells beautiful! Avado is another one that we have used and like, though I think Gaia smells prettier. We have loads of the J&J stuff but don't like to use it. I've heard good things about QV, though.

We LOVE the Nature's Child Bottom Balm for any nappy rash (not that she really gets any these days), again an all natural/organic product that is much gentler on bub than all those harsh chemicals that most commercial brands put in their products and that we then put on bubs' skin.

We are trying to cut down our reliance on nasty chemicals not just in DD's bath but around the house in general, because we realise more and more how BAD all those things (cleaning agents etc) are for us, and that natural alternatives are just as good, better for us, better for the environment, and often cheaper too!

i only use water but maybe once she's on solids im going to try the weleda and gaia ones. i once used johnsons and my baby went so0o peely. now i even use organic cotton and bamboo nappies lol smile natural things are so much better for our lil bebz!

Hi...I am using QV wash (Once a week) and Olive oil (every day) for message...I have found them reaaly nice.I had used Johnsons but they are very harsh..
We LOVE the AVADO range, bath wash, moisturizer and I think you can get shampoo. It's organic and all natural, from coles and IGA. Have also used the Gaia range, its lovely too. Mostly though we wash in straight water and use olive oil for massage.
The weleda calendula nappy cream is lovely, also biobaby happy bottoms.
I have NEVER used johnsons (or similar), and never will.

Just a question, someone might know, is the QV range based on mineral oil??

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

We were using Johnsons top to toe but my son was coming out of the bath with red welts all on his legs and arms. So we are now alternating between DermaVeen and QV Bath oil. Both are lovely and the spots seem to be going. We also use the Gaia Shampoo and all of his cradle cap has almost gone. And it smells delicious too.
We use pears soap, it is as natural as soap can get without all the harsh chemicals in them. We have had no dramas with that.
Hi ,
I use the Natural Instinct range, available from chemists.It is 100% organic ingredients and full of lovely oils.They also have great products for the whole family and household.
I researched this topic a lot while pregnant and this is the brand that suited my needs best.
smells fab too!

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