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Baby wash? Lock Rss

DD was getting alot of nappy rashes and baby nurse suggested using bicarb soda - 1 teaspoon in baby bath and makes her skin soft and she hasnt had nappy rash in months. We also use curash nappy cream for barrier protection.
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I use the Natural Instinct range, available from chemists.It is 100% organic ingredients and full of lovely oils.They also have great products for the whole family and household.
I researched this topic a lot while pregnant and this is the brand that suited my needs best.
smells fab too!

I keep looking at those and wondering about trying them...I like the fact that they're also Australian owned & made, and the bottles etc are completely recyclable. I look for stuff like that more and more these days... Glad to hear someone is using them and liking them, maybe will try some (I want to try their shampoo & conditioner for myself as I'm sick of reading all the lists of chemicals on the back of mainstream hair products and wondering what I'm feeding my skin!)

I just bought a new wash from our chemist, the brand is...

organic australian skincare.

It says...
no SLS
no artificial frag.
no animal derivatives
no harsh detergents
no petro-chemicals
no artificial colours
no triethanolamine
no mineral oil
no parabens

and it smells great and at $25 1ltr it was cheaper then buying baby wash in a small bottle (i use it for all 3 kids)
the brand had a big range.

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

QV wash is quite good too and doesn't have all the nasties in it. good for babies with excema or sensitive skin. you can use QV oil too, although it makes bubs slippery so i prefer not to use that.

some people swear by putting a few drops of olive oil in the water - babies don't really need soap as such, it dries out their skin, so does water if they are bathed too often and the oil helps moisturise their skin.

My DS gets eczema aswell. We use to alternate each day with QV Wash and Alpha Kerry Oil. The over the past month the QV wash wasn't helping much so now we just use the Alpha Kerry Oil and it works well.

I started using Johnson's top to toe wash from day one but DS's skin became really dry all over. Maternal Health Nurse recommended Hamilton's bath oil. Have been using that ever since and not a dry spot anywhere!

We just used to use a little bit of olive oil and sometimes a couple of drops of lavender.
I think I might be the odd one out because I don't add anything to DS's bath water. The only thing I use for him is shampoo.

Hi we use the burtiti body shop baby range. It's absolutely divine.
Hi we use the burtiti body shop baby range. It's absolutely divine.
The "MILK" range, from Michael and Lindy Klim is AMAZING!!! Little bit more pricey, but great for a nice gift for someone who's just had a bub. I also use Gaia. I just bought a 5ooml pump of the body wash from the chemist and it was about $18.
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