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Head's position while sleeping Lock Rss

I just wondering what is the head position while baby's sleeping. I always put my daughter sleep on her back but her head always on lie either side. I first thought that when she's young, she couldn't hold her head straight up. So I just let her sleep in that position. Now, she is nearly 6months and her head sort of flat on the side and I tried to put her sleep with a U-cushion so that it will help to hold her head straight but she refused it and will cried and unsettled unless I let her turned her head on the side.

Is any one noticed this with your baby? Everyone keep saying that her head shape looked funny and make me worrying.

Melissa, NSW , baby girl 8mth 3 weeks

We had this same problem with bennett - here are a few bits of advice we were given by paed and such.

when bub is laying on back awake (play time nappy change etc) have something white up on the side (a sheet or towel) thatthe always look at so it is boring and they want to turn the other way.

roll up a bunny rug and wedge it under the side so they can't turn that side (this will be met with tears) so we did it just at nappy time and then introduced it to other times.

we also bought one of those neck support cushions for newnorns to stop their head wobbling and put that in the cot and it helped to keep his head straight.

while laying on his back we put the tv on the side we wanted him to look at (works everytime!!!)

when carrying bubs hold him facing out so they have to use their neck muscles to look around this strengthens them which in turn means its more even and then more comfy at night to sleep on either side

and finally and to be honest prob the most effective
our chiro is doing some cranial massage with is def rounding out his head more.

all these combined solved our prob hopefully they might work for you too.


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi mily. We had the same problem with our son. We also thought it was really cute until our chiropractor pointed out he really had a problem. It turned out he his neck was out so to hold his head straight meant he was in pain. I also had big problems when I tried to breast feed. He would feed from one breast but not the other as it would hurt him to hold his head in a certain position. As Stephanie said we found a chiro fixed his problem. I am not saying this is what your daughter has, just sharing what we went through with Caleb.

My husband works with a guy who's daughters head was in an unusual shape due to the way she was sleeping. She had to wear a special helmet for a while and this fixed the shape up perfectly.

However having said all this, some people get a kick out of saying things that are not true. Some people forget that babies dont have any teeth or hair so that alone can give them a strange appearance. But if you are concerned just mention to either your Dr or your health nurse on your next weigh in or check up. It will put your mind at ease.

Take care.
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