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Kindy hints and tips Lock Rss

DD starts Kindy (child care) in a couple of weeks. I would love any hints or tips you might have. I'd also love any advice on what to pack in her cute little back pack. Also, did you cry when you left your bubs? I am wondering just how bad it is going to be walking away from her those first few times.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Kazi

My eldest daughter went into child care when she was 14 months old. I found that taking her there before her first day and letting her have a little play was a great help. I did this a couple of times for about 1/2 hr staying there with her of course. She was then familiar with the suroundings and seemed to settle in really well.

I'm not sure what you mean about the back pack! Do you mean food? If so pack her what she would normally have at home but make it more fun. For my DD I would cut her sandwich into shapes (with biccy cutters). I would also do this with fritz. Actually anything I could. I would also give her something that was her special 'child care' treat. Something that she would'nt get at home.

As for the crying. I actually didn't but she did. I walked away with my heart in my toes. It was awful. I think the first day I rang them 5 times to make sure she was ok. They told me she was fine but I didn't believe them. Even after taking her there, I think the leaving her was a bit confusing (for both of us). After the first week though she was fine. Me leaving was more of her pushing me to go so she could play. She really looked forward to going after the initual week.

I hope this all makes sense and is of some help to you. Keep smiling and remember the interaction with other children is really good for her.




Hope, SA, 3girls Jasmine , Millicent & Phoebe

well im a qualified childcare worker n ive been working in child care for 6years. im also a single mum.
so im really used to helping children settle into daycare.
when u say goodbye to ur bub make sure u make it positive and smile. don't drag it on n on, seem happy and tell him/her that u will be bak soon. during ur first week don't leave him too long at day care, make them short stays. eg 5 hours is plently.
im not sure how old ur bub is so i can't relaly tell u what to pack in the bag as all ages are different ?
but u will need 2-3 spare pairs of cloths.
water bottle at some centres
shoes , socks
sheets and special blankie, dummy and any other sleeping comforters ur bub uses.
nappies for sum daycares, others provide them for u.
suncream if u use a sensitive type.

it will take ur child a few weeks to settle in. the more they go, the quicker they settle in.
just ask away if u have any more questions smile

Danni, WA,

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