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nappy rash Lock Rss

hi my 10 mth old daughter has a nappy rash,we have tried alot of creams and it starts to get better but then gets bad again the creams we have tried are bepanthen , sudocrem , everyday nappy rash cream and curash powder do u have any suggestions on which cream would do the best job or do i keep using the ones i already have.

lisa & 1 yr old daughter from vic

You've probably tried this, just wondered if maybe its worth trying a different brand of nappy. Can you link the rash to any-thing bubs eats, like does it come up bad after a poo etc? Poor bubba, that must be annoying for all of you. Maybe you could try some corn flour, just on an off chance some-thing in the creams or curash stuff is reacting as well. Its cheap, natural and excellent at putting a protective layer over bubs skin and absorbing some excess moisture. Best of luck sweetie.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

paw paw ointment is great.dont know if u have tried it but it is great 4 so many things.i love the stuff.i burnt my finger on the oven yesterday and the paw paw really helped.goodluck.if u try the paw paw let me know how u go.
try heal aid its great its $3 a tube

mum to 3

Hi Lisa,

I too have had some problems recently with being unable to solve persistent, and painful, nappy rash (from bub teething).

I have tried everything, and found a winner with one I found at my local chemist, but made by the Womens & Children's Hospital (in Adelaide) - a 75g tub costs about $9 - it contains Cod Liver Oil (109 mg/g); Zinc Oxide (227mg/g), and Benzoin Comp Tincture (91mg/g). I thought I'd put the vitals there in case you arent in Adelaide, but might be able to find one similar.

The upside is obvious - it works very very quickly, even on the reddest rash.

The downside is that bubs smells like fish, but he's a happy fish at that!!!!

Good luck!

Emma, 2 boys, Sept94, Aug2005

honestly try the paw paw works on me.
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