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Getting out of the bath Lock Rss

My little girl is 7 months old and loves bathtime - that is, until she has to get out! She will only be dried sitting up but then wants to roll and crawl around the bed instead of being dried. We have enormous problems trying to get her nappy on and get her dressed in her PJs - she protests and cries and makes getting her ready for bed a huge chore. Distractions like singing, giving her a bath toy to chew on or her dummy works to a degree but it is very frustrating. Does anyone else have the same problems or have any advice on how to manage this as she is very agitated by the time we get to giving her her last bottle and only ends up finishing half of it.
I've found more recently that peek-a-boo works a treat. DD hides under the towl, and does it herself now. I am constantly coming up with distractions at change time, its so annoying. If you have any-thing other than her regular toys, might be worth a try. I wish there was a simple answer !!!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

im in the same boat as u jackson is nearly 10mths old and he has been doin it eve since he could roll.very annoying.i think ive tried absolutley everything.i hate changing his nappy coz it turns in2 such a battle of how long will it take me this time!
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