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quick q. all responces welcome. Lock Rss

so my baby is pretty unsettled. all day long she has a dummy in her mouth.

but im sortoff worried about it being in so much. would you take it off her, i can cope with her crying. but if shes got wind, i know it helps her with the pain.

or should she be ok, and i can try to wean her off it when shes adjusted to this outside world, in a few weeks or months?

i don;t see a problem with her hving a dummy in, she is only little. Maybe you need to look into why she is crying all the time, their maybe smething not right
ashlee rejected the dummy at 6 weeks of age so im no expert when it comes to dummies but i do have to say, in my personal opinion, let her have the dummy!

She's so little, and if it keeps her settled and quiet, you'd be crazy to take it off her!

as you said, once she's adjusted to the outside world and a bit more alert and interactive, you can distract her with other things, but i think the best bet is to keep her happy smile
Hell yeah, let her have it! She will need it less and less as she gets older.
Awwww she is just little, let her have it. As she gets a bit older she will need it less, around 6 months and she will just need it for bed. It isnt doing her any harm smile
Go the dummies, both mine loved it, if they don't want it they spit it, otherwise enjoy the contentment smile
I would do what works!!

Don't worry about attachment too much, work your way out of the stage she is in and then look at reducing her reliance on it if you don't want her to have it too much

I took DS2's dummy away from him at 5mths as felt he had no further need for it and it was making his sleeping bad (would fall out of his mouth when he went into deep sleep and he would cry wanting it put back in to go back to sleep) ... ditched it in a day without a drama at all.
thanks everyone. i just know what i think about mums using a dummy for theyre children 24/7. lol so its kept me in 2 minds about it.

so i am hoping to wean it of her once shes a bit more settled.

i think she has wind problems, so i went to get her infacol the other day but it says from one month and to see your dr first. so tomorrow i will get her infants friend, im pretty sure that is from birth upwards. and i will ask my dr about infacol at our 6 week checkup.

Well the sucking reflex will help her with the wind, if you dont want her to have a dummy maybe wait until she is 3 months, by then her tummy should of settled down a bit
Go with the flow I say, if she likes it why take it off her.

Ive never understood the criticism of dummies...they arent called soothers for nothing.
Funny, I used to think mums who used dummies were "lazy", man was I a fool, after having 2 bubs of my own, I never, never crititise a mother for doing what's best for their family!!!
I say go with the flow it is not hard to wean them even if they are 3 years and not 3 months.

My DS was a bub that the Midwife said to me it would be in your best interest if you went and bought him a dummy he had it until Christmas last year Santa took it and he has never ever asked.

Where as DD never needed one but somedays I wish she would of taken to one.

Do what helps you..
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