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Hi all

I also found that adding a teaspoon of farax into my daughter last bottle for the day helped her sleep better through the night. as she was that little bit fuller she tends to sleep throug the whole night without waking up.

Storm 21/04/04,Blade 21/09/05 + one on the way

Hi there,

Before I had my son (first baby) I was told "don't watch him sleep, and don't run to every noise, you'll panic too much." At the time (still pregnant) I had no idea what they were going on about, after my son was born, I knew. Their breathing pattern is so irregular when they are newborns, and they make so many different noises!!

CRUCIAL tip! If you are having a c-section, make sure your undies and clothes don't sit on your incision line!! I had to have an emergency c-section, and afterwards found that all my maternity clothes sat directly on my stitches.. ouch.. And if you have an unplanned c-section, place a pad over the area so you clothes don't sit on it.... VERY useful!!
Get your child into a routine as soon as possible. From birth my son was sleeping whenever he was tired. He would be sleeping at midnight and wake up at midday. I wanted to get him into a routine but he would do this attention thing and cough until he vomits so I couldn't try controlled crying with him. One day he slept over his grandmas house and he woke up at 9am, since then I got him into a routine. It gave me so much more time for myself in the evenings.


One thing I have started doing in this hot weather, is my little girl is not to keen on drinking water or having more bottle feeds, so to keep her hydrated, I wrap an icecube in a flannel, tie it with a hair tie (coz it can't be pulled off) and let her suck on it, shes 5 months old, so will also come in handy when she starts to teeth. She gets to cool down, have fun, and have little sips of cold water as she does so.

Take care Love Kel and Mckenzie xoxoxox

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

when buying clotes for you bub always buy one size bigger they are a bit bigger for cumfort and last longer no need to buy so many clothes.

SA mum with baby jacob 20th sep 04

Lead by example:
* drink water (and don't add stuff to "make it taste better"!!)
* eat your vegies
* don't yell, swear and throw your own adult tantrums (yes, it's difficult some times, lol)
* wash your hands, brush your teeth.
* say please, thank you, you're welcome, etc.

Kids imitate you in so many ways.

mumto3, Qld, 3, 2 & newborn

To prevent spills on the carpet during nappy free time, use a flannel backed vinyl table cloth. Place vinyl side down and cover with a sheet. These table clothes come in all sorts of sizes so you can get a large enough one so bub wont roll off (once they learn to crawl thats another matter!! smile ). The table clothes are cheap, waterproof and washable.

hi i had a night shift baby witch means she was awake all night and slept all day to turn her around i gave her asleep every 4 hours after her feed and for night feeds i didnt speek to her or make any direct eye contact with her cause as soon as i spoke she was completely awake and if i didnt speek she was what i call semi awake
omg indeed do you realise that if you leave your newborn screeming for one and a half hours that they can suffer brain damage i dont no where you live but if i was your neighbour i would report your ass THAT IS CHILD ABUSE it sounds like you really dont deserve to be a mother
it took me and my partner years to conceve i could never put my child in that much danger GET SOME HELP women
hi i totally agree i have 8 bottles in my fridge i sterilise them all fill them with boiling hot water and put them in the fridge so all i have to do is heat the water and put in the formula and if your day is really busy and you havent had the time to do your dishes there is 4 more waiting
Hi! My baba is nearly 11 months and I notice he can get bored especially when we've hung out at home all day played with all the toys (inside and out), watched all the fun stuff on the box, listened to his fave sounds, I've found putting him in the pram and hitting the road is great for visual stimulation with the scenery constantly changing, noises everything. It's also really good if you've got a hectic household or had a rough day to be able to collect your thoughts and have some time away. Another tip would be the set of 'snap and go' wheels that attach to the newborn carseat makes life so much easier when they're so tiny you don't have to shift the from carseat to pram, also joining a toy library was great for us I wish I'd done it with my older children the toys are of a great standard especially the really expensive ones that I could never afford otherwise. But lastly our youngest is our 5th baby but even when he was about 5 months old I'd still look at him in amazement and thank God I'd had him and to be blessed even with all the hard stuff you can go thru cherish the times oh and also capture those moments if you can with cameras, video cameras, hope these help!


Try to keep it all in perspective and pick your fights. I know its hard but sometimes you just need to think, does it really matter if she ...... (insert verb here).
Choose whats really important and stick to it. Dont fight over something you dont really care about so you end up giving in. If it really matters in 6 months time then great do it, if not, whats the big deal? Let her stick a piece of chalk on the door knob.
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