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Congrats on your 7th. If u dont mind me asking were they are all planned and were they single births. I admire you. I would like to have a large family but I just dont think I have the patience.


I have bought two small bags, just big enough for its contets. One is for things I need for feeding her (I breastfeed) containing: nursing pads, a bib and a couple of cloth nappies which I use when I burp her.

The other one is for nappy changing and contains: a few nappies, change mat, whipes, bags to despose of dirty nappies and a little bottle of the alcohol gel to clean my hands after changing the nappy (not all places has got soap or water...)

I find these so handy for shorter day trips. And they fit nicely under the pram. Saves me bringing my big nappy bag everywhere, I only take that if I am staying over night.

....I should put a change of clothes for bub in one of them though... (A change of clothes for me is under the pram.)
Hi everyone
My son is 2yrs 4mths now but as a baby i had to work hard to get him into a good sleeping rountine. He had promblems with colic and reflex. I never let him cry for longer than 10minutes though, but when i put him to bed i would wake him slightly if he had fallen asleep having bottle. He was then made to learn how to get himself off to sleep. So many baby's have to have bottle, breast or be rocked to sleep. My tip is that if they do fall asleep this way that you wake them before putting them in bed then they know where they have gone to sleep and it makes it much easier if they can drift off to sleep themself. Also when baby wakes at night try offering cold boiled water instead of bottle. This is what i did with my son and after a few nights of offering water he eventally stopped waking in the night. I guess he just learned he didn't need that feed. With getting a carseat i would just say dont get one that has the seat belt going through and underneath the car seat as i have one and they are so much harder to get in and out than the ones where the seat belt goes round the back. Also you will probably have to buy a locking clip to make it safe but check with plunket car seat places or the hospital for safety tips.

Tracy,Wgton,Have 2yr boy

Always take a clean shirt for yourself when going out with bub!! Too many times they have a sudden spew and you are left smelling like milky spew! EW!! Even if your bub isn't a spewy one, always use a burping cloth, as the time you don't you will get caught!!!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

Laugh, have a sense of humor about everything! and don't be too protective. You can still be a loving caring protective parent and not be overbearing. Watch from a distance and intervene when needed. Most of all Laugh!

Don't stress over the little things, it'll all work out in the end, take it from a drought stricken farmer's woman, everything will be alright in the end.

Jo, Emily 2/9/04 & Will 13/5/06

Things I wish I'd known/done

*took those plaster prints of baby's little hands and feet.
*bought the digital camera and printer sooner
*got the attachable wheels for the carseat
*got the cheaper, lighter stroller as the hydraulic lift in the boot doesn't work
*some babies tired signs are really subtle, have someone show you
*put baby to bed awake and fully burped
*burp baby halfway through each breast and again after
*don't start solids at 16weeks as that isn't actually 4 months old (got a royal scragging from Doc)
*worked out a cleaning roster with hubby/got a cleaner
*frozen more dinners
*told more people to get next size up clothes for bubs, socks not booties.
*had twins so I don't have to go through it all again!
Every parent you see has been a first time mum and dad at some stage. Yep, they may seem to have "been born" to do it, but they had to go throught all those first's the same as you did, and who knows what happens behind closed doors. Other parents won't always admit to how they are handling things, instead say "everything is wonderful and perfect". But it'd be rare if there hadn't been times when they had to walk out of the house and count to ten before going back in, just like you do! So dont feel as though your the only one who has had to leave bubs crying in the cot for 5 minutes while you go and clear your head. It aint true!!

Also each baby is an indivdual, so what works for your best friend, may not work for you and your child. Try it if you think its worth a go, but ultimatly you know your baby better than anybody. And that goes for developements too. Just because the book/MCHN/rellies etc.. say it should happen at blah blah age doesnt mean there's problems if it happens before or after. Developement is a very indivdual thing.
one of the best tips i was given was that when bubs starts having a shower with you, wear a t-shirt until you get comfortable and confident in holding a slippery soapy baby, and it's also best if you have your partner or someone there who can take the baby and dry and change them when you are done. this tip also works well when starting swimming lessons with your bub, this gives them something to hold onto.

Always give your toddler or preschooler a warning before it is time to leave somewhere or pack away will find them much more cooperative.


try to remenber all the happy times when she makes you smile and that thay dont mean to hurt you when there not stopping crying,

try to get a friend or the other half to take your little one away or let you go for a walk by yourself,
to recharge, if only for 15min it helped me just being able to think with out looking as to whats baby upto.

dont be scared to ask for help or advice from friends and family, we were boarn mums/dads but a different way of doing somthing might just be the key,

SLEEP, ha! try to sleep when your baby does, the dishers can wait, the house wont full down, with a bit of mess,
my daughter's four months old on the 24th and I feed her whenever she's hungry whether it be every two hours or four, I put her down in her cot (on her tummy) whenever she's tired and pick her up when she cries. I made a point not to play with her between 10pm and 8am (mostly because I'm too tired).
she has slept through the night (8-9 hours) since she was two months old and she has just started settling in for the night around 8pm. she is very happy and healthy and seems to be thriving.

this is what works for us. if and when I have more babies, I may have to do something different. use your instinct and do what feels right

Best advice I ever received (as was from MIL - LOL) was to bath bub every nght before bedtime. I use this routine (which I am sure is a bible to most mothers aswell) dinner, play in highchair, bath, play, feed/bottle, bed. DD2 has slept through, 7pm - 7.30/8am since 4 months.
There are so many grat ideas already, oh where was this with DD1...... Mums always know best!
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