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Yes strongly agree with this

Best thing I ever did was read Gina Ford's Contended Little Baby book. It has saved me countless sleepless nights and made me a much more confident parent.

The routiune approach is not for everyone, but has worked well for us.

MY DS is nearly 8 months and still pukes up bits of dinner or milk. mainly it seems when he's held on the hip, rarely crawling around or sitting so, when ive got ready for work/going out/whatever, i always wear a baggy shirt over my clothes as i am garrenteed to be puked on once im dressed ready. easier to just remove shirt befor leaving than find new outfit.

ps, earmuffs for sceaming baby i can only say 'oh mi gawd' your bub didnt learn to settle safely, just to give up, none is coming, poor thing.

but trust me on the oversized shirt smile
also with you nappy bag, make sure it has an insulated spot and buy i a4 size plastic pencil case or something waterproof of that size to put you nappies and anything you need to keep dry in just in case. i had a few times where i hadn't put the lid on the bottle quite tight enough and it leaked everywhere but because my nappies were in this separate part they didn't get wet and i could still use them.
Packing your nappy bag when you get home is always a great helper too just in case you have to leave in a rush.
as for the car seat go to a proper baby shop and talk to them because they can give you expert advice. we did that then armed with all we needed to know we found the exact same recommended car seat for $200 less on sale in k-mart.

Mum to Tayla and Jack, Expecting December.

Sorry for any repeats, haven't read the whole thread.

1. Always have the baby bag packed in case you have to go out at a moment's notice, also have nappies and wipes in the car just in case
2. To save time in the morning before school, kinder etc pack make lunches, get bags etc ready the night before.
3. Make dinner (or at least get it prepared) during the day when kids have their naps or at school (more harder for working mothers though I understand) or cook on the weekends/days off and freeze a few different meals that way if you can't be bothered cooking or don't have time you just defrost your meals, heat them up and don't have to waist money on take-away
4. Always have some toys in the baby bag or car in case you end up going somewhere (such as a friend/relative's that doesn't have kids) so the kids aren't bored and get into everything at their house. Also a good idea if you are close with that person to ask if you can leave some toys at their house so when your kids go there they aren't bored. Also leave some plastic cups, plates etc so they aren't gonna break all their fine china.
5. Make sure you have some time for yourself with no kids.

That's all I can think of for now.
Probably the best thing we have done (or not done!) is not to change our lifestyle too much since having bub. Don't keep everything quiet while they are sleeping or they will wake at the slightest noise, babys are used to 'loud' - think how loud it would be inside the womb. ALso they get used to the noises they hear while in the womb. My DH races jet boats and at the drags, and I kept going along with him right through preg and still take bub to these things now, and she SLEEPS through all that noise! And while I do have a bit of a routine for bedtime, I am still flexible, I take bub out at night and she goes to sleep in her pram at the same time as she normally would. (Just make sure that they don't get overstimulated and overtired) She fits into our life perfectly! grin

Some things I WISH I had of known;
- Put bub down whilst AWAKE from the very start (so much easier than trying to break the rocking to sleep habit and teaching them to self settle later on down the track) - I know this is hard with first bub as you just want to cuddle them all the time... and make sure visitors dont cuddle them to sleep too! I really wish I had been told that.
- Make sure you are shown properly how to attach bub when breastfeeding and are confident with it before leaving hospital. (Don't let the midwives 'do it' for you, in my exp they grab your boob and put bub on, but I had no idea how to actually do it myself)
- Before the birth make lots of healthy frozen meals for you and your partner to reheat for dinner for those first weeks that you are home, you will be too tired to be bothered cooking.
- If you don't have a slow cooker, BUY ONE! They are fantastic, I put dinner on during the day when bub is asleep and come dinner time, when you are trying to do bath and bedtime with bub, (also a lot of bubs are unsettled at this time of day) you are not trying to cook dinner as well - it's already cooked!

I wish I had of seen this thread before I had bub, but there's still some great tips that I can still use! Love the baggy shirt over your outfit one!!

Another one...
- put a bib on bub when you are putting them in their carseat, no matter how long before my bub has been fed, she always manages to spill just after, or as, I am buckling her into her car seat, and as you are going out she's usually in a 'nice' outfit that is then 'dirtied' before you have even got out the driveway... (maybe it's just her though, lol)

You can try for paper napkins wub after they come out from washroom. These nappies help babies to become rashes
All, these tips are really very good and as I am having a baby so, for me it is worth to get all the updates before, I have heard this from my aunt that we should cut the nails of baby when they are asleep it is a good time. later, I will get some more info on so many things that are essential for me.

First of all, make sure your toddler doesn’t have any cuts or rashes that could be irritated by the water. If there isn’t anything obvious, there might have been an experience from last bathtime that was scary for her.
All the tips that are posted here by all of you are very necessarily implemented. Well, I am expecting so, for me all these are very beneficial.

There are some tips that are very handy like,

It is important to wash all the clothes and nappies in detol, to protect them all from infection.

All the utensils, should kept clean and away from all other utensils that are in regular use.
I really love to hear young parents are getting more and more responsible with their children. I have learned a lot from all of you and I know this discussion will make me become a matured and responsible parent.
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