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Huggies Nappies crystals going hard...? Lock Rss

Hi all.

I have a question re: huggies nappies that i hope someone can answer for me.

About 12 months ago my mum bought a pack of crawler size nappies for my nephew but picked up the girls pack (didnt have boys and girls nappies in her day) by mistake. Hence to say that my sister in law only used 1 in an emergency.
I was then given the pack in hope that my bubs would be a girl and she was =)

So, now that my little one is starting to leak at night in the infant size nappies i thought i might grab out the pack of crawler size and pop one on her tonight as a test to see if it would hold more.

I grabbed out one nappy and have noticed that the crystals have gone hard in spots. they kinda feel like they have clumpted together and still being in the full pack, have flattened out and gone hard.

Has anyone else ever noticed this with older nappies. They are the older design with the animal pics.
I noticed that people are still selling these on ebay too so perhaps someone has bought them and either have or have not had the same prob.

Thanks for reading this post =)
Hi Makaylasmummy,

I too have noticed this but have no idea why it happens.

I always think that huggies are the best for babies.

I use them for my two year old and 4month old, at the beginning i threw out the hard ones but lately there have been so many that i find it s a huge wast of money and just use them and hope it does not cause too much discomfort to my little one.

Maybe we should try asking huggies.......

Aneta,VIC, Tahlia 25/12/03 Tiyana 05/12/05

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