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BATHS - how often? Lock Rss

I was told when my son was very little that I should give him a bath once every few days because if I bath him everyday, the natural oils will come out of his skin and give him exzema. I started giving him a bath everyday when he was about three months old and was told the other day that I should be bathing him every second day. He is 1 now. Should I be bathing him everyday???

Eloise x

we still only bath DS every second day. i don't think he needs it any more than that, its not like he is outside playing in the dirt! when he does get to that stage then we will bath him every day.

DS had excema too, and i notice that his legs do become quite dry still especially on the day he has his bath. i try to slather dermaveen on his dry spots in the evenings when i put his jarmies on.

We've always bathed our DS every day!! I hate it when he doesn't have a bath or wash!! But I don't think he needs it - it's just my preference!

I have also bathed my DD everyday. Her night time routine is also bath, bottle, bed.

I hate getting in to bed without having a wash so that's why I have bathed her everyday hehe

We bath every day now that DS is three months old. I find that he really enjoys the kicking and splashing with no nappy on so is good playtime for him, then we relax him with a nice baby massage. We figure that daily baths will only make it easier when he is older and doesn't want baths because it will already be part of his routine.
I give my DD a bath every single night. If for some reason she can't have a bath (Our bathroom broke once) I ensure she gets a good wash over with a flannel and a bucket of water

When DD was younger (she's 11.5 months now) we used to bathe her pretty much every day. She was a really hot, sweaty baby. Now, she gets either a bath or a top-and-tailing - she probably gets a full bath once every 2-3 days, and top-and-tailed in between. Her hair gets washed maybe once a week.

Babies don't actually need to be bathed every night unless you want to. When DS was young we would only bath him every third night and now that he's 22 months he usually has a bath every night because he's actually getting dirty now. My brother has just had his first bubs and they only bath her about twice a week as well.
We still don't add anything to the bath water and don't use any moisturizers as his skin is pretty healthy.

i shower with my DS every day, its our routine befor bed and he loves his shower. no soaps though but then i dont use soap on myself either, just aqueous i think its called.
i have given dd a bath everyday since she was born i only ever used plain water until she was 2 months old then i put top to toe in her bath. like another post said i hate not having a shower everyday so why should bubs miss out and now her routine is bath bottle bed


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