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Cot bumpres - do you use one? Lock Rss


My little girl is now at the stage where she is trying to stand up and always seems to be bumping her head on her cot! She even has a bruise on her forehead (poor thing). I am considering buying a bumper for her cot but remember reading that the "experts" advise against this as it can increase the incidence of SIDS. Does this just apply to newborns? Does anybody use a cot bumper??

Any feedback appreciated.


Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

Hi...I have a bumper in mine but it doesn't protect her head anymore than a cot without one would! She is 11 months and jumps and stands and bounces around and all that does is squash it down so she is able to hit her head on the bars!

I am thinking of taking it out as it has no use...except it's another thing to try throw out and around the cot!! Once they're at the up and about stage they just get bumps and of those things to expect!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

I think SIDS is more a worry in the 1st 6mths but if you have put it on safely and securely with no ribbons or ties visable for little fingers to play with then personally i cant see a problem with bumpers. you would have to get a fairly thick one though to stop her from hurting herself

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I saw on tv today that not all baby safety groups are against cot bumpers, SIDS just recommend that you don't use them.

Since day one my daughter's had a habit of wriggling all the way up to the other end of the cot to headbang for a while (trying to go further) until she wakes herself up in the morning, so I've been trying to find one to buy for 4mths now with no luck... If anyone knows where to get them in Melbourne, pls let me know! wink

Hi Lili,
I've heard that babies who can stand or pull themselves up to a standing position in the cot may use the bumpers to help climb over the side of the cot. I guess they use it like a step. I personally wouldn't use one, just to be on the safe side. But that's my personal opinion.
I'm with lynette on that one - it is just something else they try to sell so that cots looks pretty and i dont think it would stop bub from banging her head. eventually she will figure out that it gives her a pain.

I have used a cot bumper from day one, lucky too as he crawls right up the cot until his head touches the top.

Bubba's mum, try Babyco for cot bumpers.



Great, thanks a lot super!


We were using one as it stopped our little man head butting the cot end. I removed it yesterday as I went in there and found my little monkey trying to climb up with the assistance of the bumper! So if you do use it be careful.
Our bumper came in the linen set we bought for him.
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