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hylands teething tablets Lock Rss

There are always so many teething topics on here asking for relief from the pain that goes with it.
I have always used Hylands teething tablets,they are a homeopathic,easy to take as they dissolve on the tongue and they really do work.Plus as you never really know if babies are teething or just grizzly for a million other reasons you are not medicating them if they don't need it.
You can get them at just about any chemist and they are under $10 for 125 tablets.

do they work though?

I have just started using these Hylands teething tablets. they seem to be working quite well and quickly. Bubbys father has some concerns with us using panadol and such too often as DS just had his 6 month shots so administered panadol for that and didnt want to use over and over again for his teeth as well. the tablets instantly dissolve as soon as they hit saliva, and bubs takes them without much fuss and calms really well minutes after.

i work in a pharmacy and mums swear by them they love it and we sell loads of them. alot of the syrups actually have alcohol in them so always read the ingredients.

Susie the proud mother of baby Kiara born 8.1.06

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