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Your Safety Tips Rss

Get into the habit of always running the cold water tap after using the hot water tap.
Sherrie and Baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
Also, during the hotter months covering the seat buckles with a nappy or blanket so when you come back to the car and put bubs/child back in their car seat they dont get burnt by the seat buckle thats been getting hot from the sun.
Sherrie and Baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
NEVER EVER smoke in the car with your bub not only is it bad for them but i once new somone who did and the red eye of her cigarette blew into the back an d in bubs car seat leaving bubs with an awlful burn and a big investergation from DOCS.
silly mummy, poor bubs!!!!! sad


Teething rusks... make sure you watch your child chew on them! they are very dangerous, my little boy has bitten a chunk about 1cm big and just automatically swallowed it! BE CAREFUL, make sure they are supervised while having these. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

When you take those little power plug safety protector things out of the socket, blue tak them high up on the wall so baby can't reach them AND so you see it when you're done and remember to put it back in.
Either that or (if not a hot appliance/one that baby can reach) Blue tak it to the on/off switch.
If you are a smoker, or your friends are smokers. DO NOT let them leave butt's in your garden etc.
Kiddies put them in their mouths and they are very poisonous.
Be careful at parks, beach etc where idiots leave their cigarette butt's

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

When getting out of the car always get the more mobile child (toddler or preschooler) out last so you have control over where they are and what they are doing. A baby can't wander through a busy car park like a toddler can!


check over supermarket trolleys before you place your baby in, and insure you have them strapped in tightly!

See my post!
If your toddler can open front door make sure its locked even if you just go 2 the toilet


Whoa, got a spare five days to read about safety tips? The list goes on and goes:

*Keep household chemicals out of reach;
*Make sure power points are covered with safety
*Have guards in front of heaters and fireplaces;
*Take the phone off the hook or put your answering machine on when bathing your child;
*Keep all cords out of reach;
*Use a barrier for stairs, perhaps even for the kitchen;
* Keep hot drinks out of reach;
* Use door stops to keep doors open;

These are very essential points that we should know and we have to keep in mind and there are many other tips that are also, very necessary like keeping all such accessories aside that may cause a problem to your baby.

There are many things that are essential and equally very important.
heard a horrible story where a toddler was running around with a pencil or pen in his hand and he fell over and jabbed himself near the eye, im terrified if this happened.
try to place cords out of the way or find a way to block access to it.
chemicals up as high as you can get them aswell as medicines.
Keep your bag out of little hands to .
The biggest safety tip that I feel important is keeping all the medicines out of reach and at the top so that, they will not reach up there.

We have to keep all that things away from them that are having edges as it is very risky.
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