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Hi, i have a boy who is 16 weeks old.My problem is when someone goes to talk to him, or pick him up for a cuddle he mostly screams until i take him.I have been told i have him like a mummies boy, but what am i to do.Is this a stage he is going through or have i got a real problem.Has anyone else had this problem and what can i do to make him comfortabe with others.Thankyou


vickie,sa,8week old

Mummys boy isn't a very nice thing to say. He just feels safe and secure with you. Are these people strangers? At 16 weeks I don't think there is anything you can do. Maybe when he goes to someone else you sit close by so he can still hear and see you, or give him one of his favourite toys to cling to when he goes to someone else, maybe these people pick him up in a way that startles him and makes him cry. Smetimes when my older kids pick up Theo he cries becasue they have scared him .

I think it is a stage and he will grow out of it.

Is it only worrying you becasue you need a break or has the worry happened because of others comments? Naomi
Hey Vickie

My wee girl did exactly the same thing. If anyone else apart from me or her dad picked her up, the lip would drop and there would be tears she would get sooo upset. The main problem was she even did this with her grandmother!!! All I can say is tell people to give him time and space. Ella was ok with people if I was holding her. Just get people to sit quietly beside him and talk quietly. You may find that after a while when he is used to the new person being there he may allow himself to be picked up. This is what we did with Ella's other grandparents when they came to visit. She has only seen them a couple of times and we just asked them not to rush up and grab her. They gave her time to adjust and then she was fine. Just keep trying he will get better I'm sure.

You can imagine what adults must look like to a little baby. Ella still doesn;t particularly like it when strangers pick her up, and to my mind thats fair enough. I wouldn't like a stranger in my face either. But she is ok with her grandmother now, thank goodness since she is my main babysitter.

Take care and ignore silly comments - he is only little and needs security.

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

oh honey you poor thing
My daughter was exactly the same i promise
she would scream even if someone looked at her
And dont listen to ANYONE that tells you his a mummys boy
do you breatfeed???
breastfed babies tend to cling more as they can smell your milk<unless your willing to squirt a little milk on your best mate lol
Lillie was breastfed till she was 4 months,she is now bottle fed and 6 months old
and loves everyone!!!,but after 5 mins or so she still wants me
i do belive they grow out of it ,, it just takes some time
all will be ok

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi vickie my daughter went though the same thing and now she is 10 months old and only wants me when she is sick, hungry, tired or hurt and that doesnt matter me anymore but when people say that your little boy is a mummy boy" they have to be joking" he is only 16 weeks old and still a baby and he feels safe with you and he will grow out of it when he is older and than they will have to something else to complain about.

Vickie dont worry about it and when he is ready he will go to other people and smile at them and other things too, all I can say if you a out with family or friends try to see if he will go them and let them carry him but if he doesnt want to dont worry about.

I hope I have help and good luck and let us know how you let.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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