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teething rash Lock Rss

Hi all, my son Owen is 6mths and he's teething, well he has been since about 3 mths and it's still going but seems to be worse lately because of this rash on his bottom.

I have been using a combo of this Benpathen (i think that's it) and Curerash cream because the little pimples sometimes look like they are breaking the skin.

I've been told to let lie him around with his nappy off, but he pees everywhere!! And am i supposed to have him in the sun or is it just being out of the nappy that helps???

He gets execema also around his neck which i put Sorbelene 10% glycerine on, would that be any use on his bottom also???

Any ideas would be appreciated....


new mum

Hi Susan,

both my sons had this problem and i took them to the drs and was told that bepanthem etc wouldn't help bacause it had turned fungal (disgusting i know) but because the skin had broken all the moisture was getting under the skin and causing the trouble so i was told to use a cream call Daktarin (sorry spelling) just ask your chemist and i found this cleared it up with a day or 2 so hopefull this may help your little man.

I know what u mean when tey say let them have no nappy but then u have the problem of pee everywhere LOL and little boys never seem to miss LOL

Take care hope this has helped

I have a fabulous nappy rash cream that was given to me. It is made by the Royal Children's Hospital (Vic) and unfortunately I assume that is the only place you can get it, so that may make it tricky to get.
It has tea tree in it and clears things up really quickly, my SIL is a rather big lady and she uses it for her chaffing with great results!!!

I too don't think that bepanthen would not be quite enough. Using your sorbelene (don't be shy with it) at night should help as acting as a barrier.

Sounds nasty, my two have never really suffered with the "teething nappies" but I imagine it must be heart breaking to see such sore little buts!


if they are telling you to lay him naked its because so its getting some air circulating around if you know what i mean. if u wanna do that without him peeing everywhere just stick a cloth nappy or towel under his bum halfaway sort of and just drape the other half on top of him so if he pees, it doesnt go everywhere. theres still air circulating that way but the pee wont go everywhere.
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