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Fist rather than Dummy. Rss

My 4 month old loves his dummy especially when going to sleep or generally when unsettled, however this past week he has taken a special liking to his fist.

It doesn't matter how many times I take his fist out and replace it with his dummy he just spits it out and puts his fist straight back in there.

This is not a big issue but he tends to dribble a lot because of this and now has a rash under his chin around his neck.

Any suggestions.

Krysta wouldn't take a dummy at all, spit them straight out since she was a week old, she didn't have anything and just used to drift off.. but not she has found her fingers and uses them as a dummy, has done for the past few months.. so I have had alot of dribble rash too! I normally put a soft towel in her cot so that soaks up some of the drool and then when her cheeks start to go a little pink I put sudocream (I buy it from Kmart) on them and they are fine by the afternoon.
Hope this helps!

Mel, Mummy to Krysta 07-04-04 and Chloe 10-11-06

Hi Jo,

My 4 1/2 month daughter is exactly the same. We thought it may be her teeth - and the clinic nurse said it could be, but it is also more of the fact that the bubs are realising that they have fists, and mouths....

She also said it is a good thing with their developmental skills..... and the dribbling wont stop - it is only going to get worse.

I came to the conclusion just to let her be, because she is more content that way. You could apply vasaline on his neck to act as a barrier.... it tends to work.


Nicki''s Mum, NSW

I have a 9 month old although he has never had a dummy but just recently has started chewing his fist as he seems to be getting his next set of teeth and along with this comes dribbling because the fist is always in the mouth anyhow he got a really bad rash around his mouth I cleared it up with paw paw cream and it was gone within hours of using it totally amazing stuff I recommend this to any mum for rashes, even nappy rash better than any other nappy rash cream I have ever used. I say just let him be he'll soon stop it.

Aimee, WA. 9mth baby

Hi Aimee

Where do you get the paw paw cream from ? I am also in WA so can you tell me the shops that supply it. I am at my wits end with my little girls dry skin.



Annette WA mummy to Keisha 080304 & Thehan 200307

I got the paw paw cream from my local chemist comes in a red tube or tub I found it in baby section if you can't find it ask someone every chemist stocks it, my little boys rash around his mouth and chin was so bad I took him to docs who prescribed some cortezone cream but that didn't work and then I got wiff of this stuff and I will never use anything else again, like I said recommend it to anyone hope that it works for your little one.


Aimee, WA. 9mth baby

The brand name is Lucas'.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

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