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movin over seas Lock Rss

my partner is in a fild of work were he constantly travelling at the moment he is still in australia working but soon there is going to be a chance for him to go to europe to work and he wants me and our 3 month old baby to go with him i was just wanting to no if any one no's what the medical system is like in croasher and wheather it is safe for him to move over there its only going to be for 3 months if any one no's any thing about that it would be great to here from you thanks

emily jyliegh's mummy

Hi Emily,

Can't say that i know that the medical system is like in Croatia however if you are planning to take travel insurance you could ask them what sort of medical facilities are available as a public/private patient. You could try looking up some info on the country you will be posted in on the internet also.

I know about the UK (used to live in London) and their public system was good in regards to access for it had reciprocal arrangements with Australian citizens if you need to access medical help there as a public patient.

Should you be relocating, it may be worth considering (if you take out insurance) if the insurers are able to repatriate you back to Australia should something terrible happen and you need to come home when medically stable to fly.

HOpe this helps a bit.

good luck. SJ

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