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Hi Everyone,

My little 6 month girl has very dry skin on her face. Her little cheeks are so dry the skin is flaky and her skin is very rough. I thought it might be from dribble but her cheeks seem to be worse tha ther chin. I have tried baby oil, sorbelene cream & my moisturiser nothing helps. Ant ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Annette WA mummy to Keisha 080304 & Thehan 200307

Hi Annette

It sounds like ezcema - does she have it anywhere else? like armpits backs of knees????

bennett has ezcema and here are some tips that I received that might work for you...

Have the bath on the cool side rather than hot - her skin shouldn't be red when you take her out.

Steer clear of baby oil as it is very drying (and i found that sorbolene just didn't do the trick) We were advised 1% cortizone but you just use this for a few days and then maybe something like QV balm

QV bath oil instead of any kind of soap.

and best of all take her down to the chemist I found teh pharmasist very helpful smile

Good luck and keep me posted


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

My little man had the same problem, really dry cheeks.I use J&J baby lotion (in the pink bottle) I also think that the wind may also dry out their little cheeks. Also because it is becoming hotter I also put sunscreen on before we go anywhere.
Hope this helps.

Hi Annette

My Nicole (4 1/2 months) has ezcema and it sounds like exactly what your bub has.

Stay away from all soaps. I even found sorbelene made things worse. I have stopped using Johnson & Johnson products - as they only aggrivated her skin.

QV bath oil and QV creme works the best. When it gets really angry you can use the Sigmacort creme (prescription) but I only like using it if I really have to.

Keep bub in cotton clothes only.... as other materials can really aggrivate her skin.

Unfortunatly it is something they have to grow out of... there is a new creme on the market (cant remember its name) and it is meant to be really good. See your GP about it.

Hope this helps


Nicki''s Mum, NSW

Hi Annette

I just posted a message (not sure if it has gone through yet)

I said that QV products worked best for ezcema, and that the Johnson & Johnson products aggrivated my daughters skin.

I made a mistake - from memory, the J&J oils worked - but anything with soap didnt... that goes for any brand on the market.

Make sure you stay away from any kind of soaps.


Nicki''s Mum, NSW

I find Bepanthan good for really dry skin. My boy has excema on shoulders and back of legs and it helps nourish the area.

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06


I too found the QV products cleared an outbreak of excema Ryan got.

I bath him in a Natural Bath Oil which you can get from Health Food shops cause he too had a reaction to Johnsons products. You just add a few drops to the bath water.


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Annette,

How about trying some almond oil or olive oil. At least you know that even if this doesn't work, at least it won't aggravate it further.

Good luck,




My daughter had really dry skin and reacted to the Johnson products as well. I actually use the QV products and they are fantastic, just go to your chemist and they should help.

I also use the prescription cream when it is really bad, but since I've been using the QV products I've hardly used the prescription cream.


Mum & Baby Girl 31.05.04

try calendula plus a cream fom the healthe food shop. its ment to be very good. itried it on my son who compalins of being itchy behind the knees. . but i dont think it was excema but it relieved it

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My son also gets eczema on the face and neck and joints. You also need to look out for anything with fragance (which is all J&J products). I use QV bath wash in the bath and have found the QV Repair cream very good but after a recommendation from my health clinic tried Cetaphil cream (little bit dearer) but this really good. I moisturise him after every bath and if the eczema is particuraly bad I use and over the counter cortisone cream for a few nights to reduce it back to a manageable level.

Rach - Boy 03.02.04 & Girl 10.01.06

is she tething that be a cause

my little one had dry skin and was told to use only sorbolene in her bath and it worked some babies have sensitive skin

gail SA 4 girls 17months apart 1 set twins

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