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My DD is 13 months old and has started headbanging EVERYTHING. If she doesn't get her own way she will bang her head against whatever is closest. I have NO idea what to do about this. I have tried ignoring it (when she was only doing it softly) but now that she is doing it so hard it is really hurting her.

If there is nothing close to her she does it on the ground over and over, each time getting harder and harder!

HELP! I don't want her to think that by doing this she will get her own way. Also, when i say 'No' to something, she throws herself back in anger! Such a temper!

LOL! dont u just love children! at 13months!! wow!!
It is NOT normal behaviour..well it is! But she needs to learn that it isnt! She needs to learn that it is naughty!
Otherwise shell start doing it in public then u get those ghastly looks from onlookers who dont know the situation! People just assume!
SO back to your DD!!!
Have u tried just walking out of the room? Or does she go straight back to doing what u say NO too?
HOW about purchasing a cheap childrens seat and calling it 'The Naughty chair' placing it away from a wall so she cant hit her head but also away from toys or anything distracting and explain to her WHY she is on the chair and that it was the wrong thing to do. And make her stay on the chair for 5mins???
And until she stays there for 5minutes (everytime she gets off before the 5mins has ended put her back on and explain calmly why she is there) DONT GIVE IN! Then after the 5mins ask her if she is sorry cuddle and continue doing what you were doing! clearly it is an attention seeking/getting her own way type of behaviour which needs cracking down on before she embarreses you in shopping outlets! Which I feel sorry for parents who have had that happen to them (I can remember doing it to my parents!) And they were so strict on me! lol
It isnt your fault...Or maybe another thing if none of the above work..GEt down and DO IT TOO!! She mightnt like mummy hurting herself! and seeing how silly mummy looks (or it could have a bad effect and she might think it is alright to do!! and find it funny!)
But Goodluck and let us know how u go!


2 more sleeps

Hi Ana,

I have a 9 year old nephew who headbangs and has done so since 3 months old, im not sure if this is a behaviour problem or an attention seeking thing, but he has been to numerous specialists about the problem, and he does have a few family issues (comes from a broken marriage etc). My DD also sometimes bangs her head if she is tired and doesnt get her own way, she is giong for her needles on monday so im going to ask my GP about it, and see what he has to say. I am little concerned about it as i dont want her to end up like her cousin. She aslo has a rotten temper!! What can you expect she has firey red hair!!

I will keep you posted as to what the GP has to say about headbanging
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