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How do you check room temp? Lock Rss

Hi to all the great Mum's out there,
This is probably going to sound really stupid on my behalf but I was wondering how do you check the temperature in your babies bedroom. I use an oil heater and have it on a timer for the night and to turn off in the morning when our airconditioner then comes on. I am not sure how warm the room should be for him to sleep comfortably.
Any ideas or know hows would be great as my DH would just laugh at me for even posting this question.

We have something in the room that checks the temp. Sorry have no idea what it is called, maybe a barometer but I don't know.

It's not a silly question at all. I do know the makers of grobags sell them with the sleeping bags (pretty sure on this anyway)

Dh bought the one we have off ebay. We actually have 2, one in the study (the servers need to be kept at an even temp and it's not good for them to overheat) and also one in the kids room.

I do believe they say around 18o is the best temp for a baby to be sleeping in.
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