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brushing teeth!!!! Lock Rss

i have a 8mnth old baby with for teeth when do i start to brush her teeth?????

jaya muma,

I would start brushing her teeth now, my little girl loved having her own toothbrush, just use a tiny amount of toothpaste. Your baby will probably just chew on the brush, but hey, at least your starting good dental hygiene practices!

pam,nsw, 13 months and 4 yo

I agree, my 11mth old has 5 teeth and at 10mths i brought her a toothbrush and her and her older sister brush their teeth together. She just chews on it but least some of the bad stuff is coming off. I just brought her toothpaste the other day and put a little bit on her brush. Luckily she was in the bath and blew bubbles in the water to help rinse her mouth!
Tooth brushes are good things for teething bubs too. She mungs away on it like there is no tomorrow

Michelle, Mackay, 4yrs & 11mths

Hi all,
I was just reading about all that are already brushing teeth. My bestfriend is a dental heigeinist and she was telling me that its ok to brush their teeth with a toothbrush but if you are using toothpaste, use only the SMALLEST amount because it brushes all the enamel or something important off their teeth which will cause them to have weak teeth as they get older. What she suggested was using just a soft cloth or even a tissue to wipe their little teeth clean.


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