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sterilising bottles Lock Rss

Hi ladies!

Elsie is a bottles fed bub and has been since she was six weeks old, at the time I had been told I would only need to sterilise them until she was six months. Is this true? She is now six and a half months and I am still sterilising them. Old habits aye?!

If anyone can tell me when they stopped sterilising their baby bottles I would be pleased to hear it, thanks!

It's not really a big deal, but am curious to know if the six month thing is true, you hear so much crap when you have a baby and I know what I have read on this forum has been way more educational than any book has ever been!!!!!!!!!!


Hi KIrsty, with my first baby (now10 years old) I stopped sterilising at 4 months old, only because he drank so much and I couldn't keep up. In the end we just cleaned and ran boiling water over them before his feed.
My bub is 6mths and I am still sterilizing. Everything I have read indicates 12 mths for bottles so I will stick to that I think.

I am sure people stop sterilizing earlier with no bad effects but I will just go with my bible - "baby love" by robin barker. she seems to have answers to my questions in that book!
Hi Kirsty,
IT says in the plunket book 6 mths, I stopped about 6/7 I think. Just gave them a good scrub out with very hot soapy water or top rack of d/washer.
I no what you mean about info on can find out anything!

Jen and 13mth Harvey

Hi, my first babies I sterilised and sterilised then my friend who is a nurse said nothing is ever truly sterile unless it's hospital grade and so she never sterilised her daughters bottles in the microwave or steriliser she used to use the dishwasher.

QLD Mum of 5

Hey there
My DD is 10 months and Im still sterilizing bottles- I think I will do it until she stops bottles....... I know, Im a clean freak- I figure- it takes me 5 mins to wash them then chuck them in the microwave for 5mins- at least I know they are clean for her.........

My Bubs just turned 1 and I am still sterilising. I decided I'll stop when she starts having just cows milk instead of formula.
HI there

I read in my baby books that you need to sterilise bottles until the baby turns 12 months old.

Hope this helps.

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