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Bad Nappy Rash and Wipes (Homemade) Lock Rss

I love my Huggies wipes..... but...... I can't use them on Jack at the moment. His bottom is red raw with nappy rash to the point where he has been bleeding..... sad I have no idea of what has caused it this time.

I have a new roll of chux and an empty wipes container. I am about to cut up the chux and put them in the container. Apart from putting plain water on them is there anything else I can use that would assist in the cleaning process but not burn his poor little bottom.

I am happy to leave it at water but thought I would ask just in case.

p.s I use Bepanthen every nappy change but even this has not been enough this time. I purchased some Sudocream this morning and will continue to use that as a barrier cream until it settles. PawPaw ointment does nothing for him unfortunately. I have prescription cream but am just about out and need to go to the doctors again for a new script. Thought I would add this just in case anyone was going to suggest a change of creams..... lol

Is OVER rude people

Also, I can't do nappy free time at the moment as his poop is rather soft and is going very regularly!

Is OVER rude people

I would forget the creams and use powder to dry it up, as the creams are just adding more moisture, nothing works better for my son.
Had the same problem with my little I used cammomile tea and cotton buds then a thick barrier cream....went to dr after a weeek and it turned out she had a little bit of thrush but u can get a nappy cream from chemist with stuff in it cleared it up in days.

And I stay away from sented wipes now also.

I can suggest a change of cream if you are game to try something new.... It's made in Tassie and is all natural..

It's called Botty Butter - have a look at;

It works a treat..
It's in the baby section - but all their products are devine!! I used to sell them when I worked in pharmacy <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

And I also did the chux and warm water thing with DD2


Ree xx
when Ethan had bad nappy rash similar I used a pure zinc cream my chemist made ( and there are some on the market but most chemist make their own too)

It cleared it up very quickly and painlessly
i use face washers and water all the time now.....cause even sensative wipes break out my kids! i also sometimes add a squirt of a soap free wash(milk bath or j&j wash in the pink container) good luck with it the poor little mite

DS 11/01/08 DD 20/12/2009

if his rash is bleeding i would use cotton wool balls and warm water and if he will allow it a hair dryer on warm to dry him off, i wouldnt use any thing on it untill the skin has healed as some creams feed rashes when they get that bad... also try to get him out side tomorrow maybe and let him run about with no nappy the fresh air and a little sun will do wonders ( no messes on the carpet that way) and it shouldnt take long for the rash to start to dry out and the bleedng to stop that way.... i remember calling my mum at midnight in tears the first time my gal had a bleeding nappy rash, she had to come around and calm me down...
[Edited on 30/01/2010]
DD has just gone through the same thing- I had to take her to the doc, and they prescribed Hydrozole cream until it healed.
Also- the Doc said- No matter what- DON'T use powder!!

Woops- to answer your actual question- When I used homemade wipes I put a squirt of plain sorbelene in.
We use a spray bottle with a mixture of plain chamomile tea and olive oil, with cut-up old cotton t-shirts as wipes.

when my DS a few months ago had a bad rash where the skin was broken- i went to the chemist and was told to put a antiseptic cream like savlon(sp?) 3 times a day until the skin healed, and a barrier cream in between to protect.

I was using hydrozole on it before i went to the chemist and he told me to not use it on broken skin.


I have a almost 4 year old and one year old twins. Whent the twins were born and were in hospital one got nappy rash. They tried a few creams that they had but nothing seemed to clear up the nappy rash. One of the nurses told me to got to the chemist and get Covitol. It's a zinc and cod liver oil cream. It has a funny smell that is quite strong but cleared it up almost overnight. The same twin gets a small amount of nappy rash and it bleeds also but with Covitol it's cleared up in no time. It's about $5 for a 75g tube. Great stuff. Put it on really thick like a barrier cream and you will notice the difference in no time.

When I mentioned it to my mum she said that she used to use it on me when I was a kid.

Hope that this helps. It helps my little one.


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