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Car rides Lock Rss

Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anybody has any tips on making my 16 week old son Zac a bit happier when he travels in the car. He hates being in the car and screams and cries most of the journey. If myself or my husband sit in the back with him we can normally settle him but if i am alone with him i normally end up in tears too. He has the Safe n Sound Meridien seat and i thought he was getting too hot in it in summer, but now that it is cooler he hasn't changed.


I have the same car seat and found bubs sweated in summer - must be the velour cover. I ended up putting a wrap underneath her so she wasnt in contact with it. I put dangly toys on the straps that went from the car seat to the back of the car so she had something to look at but that is all I have sorry...
Hi, we didn't seemto have a problem with our little one in the car seat, if your little one seems to want company, perhaps buy a safety mirror that you can clip onto the backseat head so baby can see himiself. You can get one at Big W for around $10 I think. It is meant for parents to see their child when the parent is driving and you can just look in your rear vision mirror to see what your baby is doing. Other than that, I can't really offer any suggestions other than it will hopefully turn around when your baby is forward facing.

We have the same car seat and had the same problem with the sweating in summer, The seat does get very hot. I attached a winnie the pooh toy to the grey stabiliser bar at the back it has a mirror and plays a tune. Its great as soon as he sees it he smiles, and now he can turn it on himself with his foot (the same tune over and over is annoying for me but entertains him). It was hard to get him in there at times he would stiffen up and stretch out so that i couldnt get him to lay in the seat now I put the music tune on and he is mesmerized Yeay! not so much of a fight anymore tongue .

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