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my baby's changing routine Lock Rss

Hi all, susan here again with ANOTHER question...

Owen is just over 6mths, he's teething, and yesterday was an ABSOLUTE shocker. No amount of panadol, sedgel or cuddles could help.

On top of that he seems to be changing his routine??

he used to feed at 6 or 6.30 stay up for about 2hrs and then go down for 2.

Wake at 10 or 10.30 again stay up for about 2 hrs then back down for an hour and then up again an hour before his feed at 2.

The arvo, well that has always been a short nap of 45 mins.

My problem is that now he only wants to sleep for about an hour at a time and seems to want to be fed at least an hour earlier, sometimes and hour and a half than his normal 4 hrly routine??

I know staying up longer is normal, but what about being awake 2 hrs before his feed and wanting to be fed so much earlier??

Is this just his teeth doing this???

He is on formula and solids.

Thanks lovies,

new mum

Hi Susan, I mainly had problems with Kelsey sleeping pattern at night at about 6mths. She is almost 9 mths and still wakes up around 5am for a feed. Sometimes i dont give it to her as i dont think she really needs it. It could be his teeth or just that hes a growing boy. I give Kelsey a bottle whenever she wants it and have set times for meals. If she wants a bottle 1hr before a feed i give her half a bottle. She rarely drinks a full bottle in 1 hit anyway. She has bits and pieces of her bottle all day. Sorry i cant help much but maybe try giving him a bottle when he wants it instead of 4 hrly routine. Let me know how you go.

karkels SA

Don't know if this will help or not, but apart from teeth (which may very well be the problem), but could your boy be going through a growth spurt. I remember when my son was younger he would feed so much more when he was going through a growth spurt.

James' Mum

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