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for those who use MCNs Lock Rss

Can you tell me approx how much your initial outlay was?
I have seen pics of them, do you put a liner or something inside or is it just as is?
Do they wear out after washing heaps?
How do you go about cleaning them?
Is it really annoying cleaning them?
How many do you need?
Do you use them 100% of the time or do you use disposables on certain occasions like at night?
Do they leak with non solid poos or excessive wees, or can they hold as much as a disposable?

I am looking into changing and will use the tax refund to do it if I decide to so I want info asap please.

does anyone use them?

We thought about it, but decided not too. We were on really tight water restrictions and it just seemed easier.

Sorry I can't give you any helpful info.
I bought a couple to use with my DD when she was about 4 months old. I only bought 3 as i work 3 days a week and still wanted to use disposables for daycare. I found them easy to use, you just scrape the excess off into the toilet and then wash them by themselves in the washing machine and hang them in the sun. I found that on a cooler day they took ages to dry. I found that they held a fair amount of urine, i didnt have any problems with them leaking (but i used to change her regularly.)

Yes, its the outer cover and then one or two liners depending on whether its day or night and how absorbent you want it. I think it just comes down to personal preference. Some people love them some people hate them. I want to buy more when i decide to have #3.
Hi there,

we use them. with dd 1 I had 6 different ones that I started off with so I could see what suited. I gradually added more as I got a feel for what I was after. I did a mix of mcn, terry flats and disp. I phased out the disp as I got used to the cloth. With dd2 obviously I had a much bigger stash, so she was in cloth from the first week. (day and night)

Ther initial outlay can be as much or as little as you like. I really wouldn't buy heaps of one style or brand as you might not like the cut or it might not suit your baby in terms of leaking etc. What might leak for one bub might be fine for another. I reccomend getting a mix to see what you like.

You can use a liner in them if you want. If I know dd is due for a poo I sometimes put a flushable liner in. Usually I don't remember

They will wear out after washing heaps, but if you byu good quality ones, you are looking at years. My nappys have been worn for 3 years (2 kids) and are still going strong. I also have inherited my friends nappies who have done 6 newborns and could easily do 6 more! If you get all in one nappies (that have a built in cover on the outside) the cover will lose its effectiveness if you dry it in the dryer to often. My cover was ineffective after 1.5 years, so i don't bother buying all in ones.

Cleaning - take the nappy off, put it in a dry bucket with lid. Drop poo in loo. (you are meant to do this with disp as well) When bucket is almost full I put in the wash (cold water) with 1/2 of the recommended washing powder. i then put on line or in dryer as we can't dry anything at this time of year. I keep them all in a big basket next to change table. You don't need to soak - this will damage mcn and you should never use napisan on them. The sun will kill any germs. Every now and then I wash them in hot water.
The only annoying thing would be taking the insert out of pocket nappies when its all wet. but i don't use pocklet nappies as i found they leak, so that is not an issue for me. We wash 4 times a week and are on rainwater and have no issues.

you need (to be safe and extend wear) maybe 10-12 day. you can always get some and use terry flats to get you through. i find its better to have choice and leftovers then to not have enough. then if you don't have a chance to get the washing done, you still have some. So all up maybe 20-30.

Don't forget for everything except all in ones you will need covers. use something breathable such as wool or PUL. (looks like plastic but breathes) they are around $15 give or take and you probably need maybe 3. wool is more expensive ($30-$40)but is brilliant in that it absorbs something like 45% of its weight, so if the nappy happens to leak the cover will hold it and the clothes won't get wet. you also wash them about every 2/3 weeks. you do have to wash them seperate and relanolise (make them waterproof) but its pretty easy. i love wool and they are so lovely to use. they last for soooo long to!

with this bubs we use them 100%. just get a few good night time nappies. i like dream eze.

We have never had any trouble at all with her in terms of leaking, rashes etc.

They do not hold as much as a disposable so you will go through more. You need to change them when wet. you will probably use around 8-10 a day. If you get a good quality absorbent nappy they will wick the urine away from babys skin to keep them comfy and the next layers will hold the urine. How much wee and poo they hold depends on the nappy and how much you r baby moves. POo explosions I always found were much worse in disposables.

The great thing about cloth though, is you can sell them once finished, or if you don't like the style. You can also buy second hand ones and some of my best nappies have been $5 well used ones!

Here is a forum to help get you started if interested and they also have a forum for selling them. there are lots of shops that sell them so you can always pop in and have a look to see what you like.

my recommendations are motherease one size, baby beehinds, hemp babies dream eze, swaddlebees, bum genius. there are also lots of work at home mum businesses. its also much better to invest in quality rather then buy a stack of cheapies. a $10/$15 nappy may seem great, but a $20-$30 nappy will last the distance and you may make money back once your finished.

all the best!
OC1246 has some great advice!! <span class="emoticon grin">grin</span>

I haven't started using them yet, still waiting to have bubs. I have a rather large stash of different brands of nappies, so I can decide what will work for us & what doesn't. Mostly second hand nappies to keep costs down. What I have spent would only be a fraction of the cost of using sposies from birth to TT. And I get to sell them on!!

Can you tell me approx how much your initial outlay was? About $500 so far, but I have a LOT of nappies
I have seen pics of them, do you put a liner or something inside or is it just as is? There are different types of MCN ~ Pockets have a pocket in them that you stuff with absorbent material (bamboo/hemp/terrycloth), Fitteds have absorbency, but require a waterproof cover like PUL as they have no waterproof layer inside them, AIO (all in ones) have built in absorbency & waterproof layer (you just put them on like a sposie), AI2's (all in twos) have liners in them (made of bamboo, hemp, microfleece, terry toweling) that lays in (or snaps into) the nappy for absorbency, and the outer shell has the waterproof layer, so no need for a cover, there are also prefolds (like terry flats, but made of cotton, bamboo or hemp), which are used with a waterproof cover. Very confusing if you know nothing about MCN!!
Do they wear out after washing heaps? They shouldn't if treated correctly. You should get many years out of your MCN.
How do you go about cleaning them? Wipe off any excess poos into toilet, and dry pale them in a bucket. You can either wash with your clothes or separetly, it's really up to you. You don't use much detergent though!! It builds up in the nappies and they start repelling liquid instead of holding it. Then you have to strip wash them. (see forums on how to do this)
Is it really annoying cleaning them? I don't know yet. But I already do washing so throwing in some nappies as well isn't going to kill me. Some say snapping them all back together is enjoyable!!
How many do you need? You will need approx 12 for a day (newborn) prob get away with a few less for an older child. So 24 would cover drying time as well. Use 12 in a day, wash next day & use other 12 in a rotation.
Do you use them 100% of the time or do you use disposables on certain occasions like at night? Some use night time MCN's which have more absorbency & made especially for night time use. Some still use sposies for night time. All up to you what you prefer to do.
Do they leak with non solid poos or excessive wees, or can they hold as much as a disposable? I haven't trialed this yet, but I'm guessing they would hold poos the same as a sposie.

There are also different size systems .... OSFM (one size fits most ~ they are adjustable in size) can be used from birth to TT(depending on size of your bubs, really small babies, would probably require a sized nappy) or there is sized nappies NB, S, M, L . I have a mixture of both systems + prefolds and covers to use from newborn.

Here is another nappy forum to help with your stash & any questions you may have. Nappy Addicts

There is LOTS of information out there & it can be overwhelming, but from what I have heard of MCN, they are definitely well worth the effort!! <span class="emoticon grin">grin</span>

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