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new pop up lids by hugGIES Lock Rss

hubby bought the new pop up container to day by huGGIES
I have to addmit its really good!!!

im used to getting the wipes out ready but these you really can really use one hand with them

made my day a little easier, made me a littler happier



Lillie....1 year old!!!

I don't think we have them in NZ yet, hopefully soon as they do sound really good!! I also saw them advertised in the Practical Parenting mag from Oz.

My DD is at that age where she is starting to move when it comes to nappy changing time so anything to make the task easier the better!


Where did you purchase these from as I went shopping yesterday and coles still hasen't got them for sale.
I am looking forward to trying them but I can't find them anywhere!

Hi there

I really want to buy one but cannot find one in the supermarket. When I see one I will buy it as I am dying to try it out.

Yeh! I found them on Thursday at Coles and they are brilliant, especially with the explosion we had thismorning.
They do make your life easier!

Yeah i cant find it anywhere, ive looked at IGA, Coles and Safeway... where did u find it?
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