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Prescription for infant formula? Lock Rss

I think this is a dum idea.What happens when you cant get in to see a doc? what are you ment to do then?
pretty sure they would make it a priority... apparently if a baby needs to see a dr they get priority.
From what i saw on one interview on t.v, maternal health nurses and lactation consultants would be able to write the prescription, not just doctors. I'm sure this stupid law will never get passed (I hope!)

I just can't believe how condescending it is! "no, you are unable to make a decision yourself on how to feed your baby, you must get a breast-biased nurse to tell you its ok"

Stupid idiots! It would see a dramatic rise in post-natal depression!

However, some good may come out of the discussion if more un-biased support was given to new mums...
maybe its actually a really good way to get good support for both. if the gov feels it is important enough to get a prescription for - perhaps they will feel they had better put some support programs in place to support it. It may also help mums feel less guilty as they have had a health professional support them by giving them a prescription. Everyone seems to be pretty adamant that their baby was going to starve if they didn't have formula. Doesn't it make more sense to see someone before deciding that. Many people turn to formula for reasons that are actually things are totally and utterly normal with bf. How great would it be if they went to a "health professional" and were given support and shown techniques to overcome that obstacle. The issue really only lies with people that choose to ff for reasons other then health/mental issues. (convenience etc) Surely the people that genuinely felt their baby was going to starve would be happy with overcoming the issues with bf wouldn't they? They often say that they wish they could bf but couldn't because of reason x,y,z. This would provide support with that. It should also provide support with those getting prescriptions.

The gov obviously can't force people to bf, but this might make them put support programs in place to support both those who bf AND those who need formula.

Personally, I don't think it will go through though. I think this is creating a lot more work for the already overstretched health dept for something they ultimately can't control. I think it is important enough to warrant a prescription though. Even just to get people to see somebody if they think there is an issue with feeding.
firstly- in a society where most working mums are expected to get back to work after only 6 months of maternity leave it is a rediculous idea.

secondly- formula is perscription for specialist formula anyway like when my DS needed lactose free formula and it was on the PBS with a major discount from the shelf price.

thirdly- some mums have to wean to take medication or simply bub is just taking too much out of them eg i lost 15kg in 4 months and i was only 5kg over my weight at bubs birth.

i know many (except the first) are medical reasons that a doc would perscribe formula for anyway but don't we already live in a 'nanny' state where we are told what to do already we don't need to put this in hands of others as well!

off my soap box now.

I believe it will only add to the already over loaded job of health care.
Very annoyed about this. Formula should not be made via a prescription. It's another way to inconvenience mums who choose to feed their children via formula and want to know how much their children are consuming, especially when the mother is not producing enough milk to feed her child. Formula has been on the market for years and years, and some make out like it's giving poison to our kids. Parents should have the right to decide what's best for their children not anyone else. This is also another way for doctors to make more money...
I as a mother of an nearly 8 month old was fortunately able to breastfeed and bottlefeed. I changed for a couple of reasons one was because I had a low milk supply/ found it stressful and two I had to go onto medication.
I believe at the end of the day it is the mothers choice on how she chooses to feed her babies.
the whole thing is nonsense.
a prescription should only be for babies with medical problems such as allergies, reflux and such like.
I find it unbelieveable that it is ok to consider forcing mothers to see a health professional to feed their child formula but there is no consideration of what some people put in their bodies whilst breastfeeding... drugs, alcohol etc... in some cases formula is much healthier for the bub! Also is the stress this puts on a mother already at the end of her tether is not in the best interest of anybody. I could not breastfeed my now 3 yo son and felt like I was seen as an inferior mother not persisting, I think this feeling would be intensified if a prescription was required
I think the main problem is kicking 1st time mum's out of hospital before their milk has even come in. Dispite the fact there are may services available outside of hospital a tired 1st time mum isn't as likely to pick up the phone when her baby is screaming and it's 3am. She is most likely to just give the formula and be done with it.
I was private and had 5 days which was brilliant. By the time I left I knew what I was doing and breastfed for 9.5 months!
This is ridoculous, mothers have enough stress and guilt as it is if they choose to formula feed for whatever reason.
Ridiculous even**lol
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