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Wetting Through! Lock Rss

Hey Chicks,

So as the title says my little pissy pants wets through every single night. So just after some nappy ideas to help with absorbancy.

I have tried MCN's, disposable, mcn and a disposable, disposable with maxi pads inside it, disposable with big pull up over the top.

She is 18 months old and drinks way too much before bed, but I cant deny her if she is thristy, so hoping to come to some sort of nappy solution before I cut out the water at night.

It sounds like you've tried everything. Can you go up a size in disposables? Can you change her without unsettling her when you go to bed?
have you trieed limiting her to just water before bed. A friend of mine had trouble with this and dr told her from 5pm only to let her have water and no ice cream after 5 either and this seemed to help
Gosh this seems to be happening to a lot of people. My son is 20 months and wet through 2 times the other night. It is happenign to a lot of kids in his coffee group too.
What we have done which has been working for nearly a week is go up in size in nappy and put one nappy the normal way then put another on top backwards. Somehow this seems to be holding all the liquid. I don't think I would reduce how much water she is drinking as with the weather getting hotter they obviously need to be drinking it.
Good luck smile
have you tried starting her on the potty? my DS was the same and since he has been on the potty haven't had to deal with it unless i take to long to wake up lol and then its all down his legs.
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