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keep your hat on Lock Rss

Any suggestions on how to keep a hat on my nearly 8 mth olds head. He can pull it off himself and thinks he is really clever. I've tried different styles and ones with ties but he can still get them off.
Hi Sam's mum,
I don't know of any brand of hat that overcomes this problem. I found that persistance is the answer.
You just have to try not to make it a game. Each time he pull's it off just calmly put it back on, not necessarily straight away, give it about a minute (this is not much fun and can go on for a bit).

Eventually they DO give in and will wear the hat!

My 28 month old wont leave the house without a hat!!! (we have had to tell her that she has summer hats and winter hats just so she can feal better when she leaves the house (the little summer hats were starting to look a little silly in the cold overcast weather so now she puts on a nice warm one!!)

HI Sam's Mum,
I am in the same boat, and use distraction (food is always a winner) or persistance! I once put his hat back on 20 times!!

Jen and 13mth Harvey

Hey Mum to Sam thanks for the heads up (no pun intended !) My Bub is 5 months old and will be wearinga hat daily now just so when summer rolls around he will be use to it. MANY THANKS.... Naomi
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