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High energy baby Lock Rss

Hi all,

My now 10 month old DD4 is so high energy that its starting to make me worry. Shes always been like this but now that she is mobile its scary.

The only time shes not on the go is when she is asleep! She absolutely hates the car seat and will scream her lungs out for the entire trip and then as soon as the car stops shes laughing! Also she wont sit in her highchair to be fed and trys to climb out so now we have to feed her while shes on the go which makes it a bit hard at times laugh
Even having a bath is a nightmare lately cause she wont sit still so I put her in the shower with me. Should of seen me trying to change a dirty nappy this morning she was fighting me to get up and go and play, very messy <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

Our living areas are all tiled and last night she was walking around the furniture and tumbled down hitting her forehead on the tiles and now has a bruise and then has done the same thing again today but hit the back of her head gasp gasp

I have a big rug on the tiles near our lounge but now I think I need to get more rugs to cover the tiles up.

Does anyone else have a high energy bub like mine? Wish I could get a head CT just to make sure her poor little head is ok. I cringe when I think of her falling. I need some moral support sad
unsure hi don't feed her on the run its not healthy for her or you...... sit on a chair and offer her your knee and tell her if she want to eat she either sits on your knee or her high chair if not... offer again in 20 mins.... you need to establish this early as she gets older and bigger she will be all over the house not to mention the mess...

Not sure about the car.... maybe pulling over and telling her the car is not going until she stops? i know she is ten months old but she can understand tone.... and your voice pitch...... failing that maybe just start singing and hope she stops? unsure

I guess you need to put boundries of dangerous behaviour in place.... like popping her into her cot if you need to go toilet or to the shower with a book or toy to keep her safe..... or have a porta cot set up in the lounge if you need it to keep her safe....

also could be used if she is not listening and popping her in if she is doing really dangeous things for some much needed timeout for you and a wee rest for her to confine her to one area for a wee while....

I am not talking an hour or anything just like 5 minutes her and 5 here if you need a break and need to keep her safe.... have some new toys that can go in that she hasn't seen before to pop in.....

I used this with my daughter when she was little and a busy beaver too
wow thats sounds full on!!

I would stop the feedin on the run as you will come unstuck there. My dad always says to me when I visit that if they don't want to eat try later cause they won't stave themselves and i guess that's true even if it's cruel sounding. My son seems to be on the move all the time too, I find that if his cousins are playin around him he won't want to sit and eat so I make them sit or go somewhere else why he eats.

Do you use a change table or just a mat on the floor. I know lots of people who like to change on the bed or floor but I hate it hurts my back I love change tables I also think it makes it harder for him to take off on me as he knows he can't get down without my help! Give her something to hold why you change her the nappy or some wipes cream whatever.

My son hated the car too for awhile is she turned around yet or still facing backwards because he hated being turned away from us but even after we turned him around he still cried alot and the main town/city is 60kms away but we just tried to keep im busy with music and got him dancing in his seat and playin and it helped alot will she watch any TV might help her settle somtimes. How does she go in the pram? Maybe try and do some high energy stuff in the mornings in hope by afternoon she is a little calmer. Also will she sit with you or ur DP at any point. I guess as long as you don't think she has anything like ADHD or anything you may just need to ride it out and sometimes put her in her cot and go outside for a coffee and some time to yourself! Or send her outside with DP and you sit inside for the coffee! Good luck!!!
Yep she is full on and tonight she was even worse. Shes got 2 teeth coming through, one up top and one on the bottom plus shes got a little ulcer in her mouth which she has caught from me (I havent had one in ages but I have been run down lately working night shift). Poor little bugger.

I dont think its dangerous or naughty behaviour though as she is cruising around the furniture which all bubs do I suppose. Also when I change her its now on the floor and normally she will usually play with whatever I give her until I get the nappy on but today she wasnt interested in anything I gave her.

In the car I have toys etc in the front seat so i can pass to her plus I do talk and sing to her but it doesnt really help, she just wants out of that carseat.

ADHD has crossed my mind but DH doesnt think so and I tend to agree with him. I think she will be the type of kid that needs to be playing sport to channel all that energy.

Anyone else have an active bub?
Hi my dd (14 months) is very "high energy" She always has been but I dont mind id rather that than a lazy baby, she spends car rides trying 2 arch her back and get out of her seat but doesn't cry, I used 2 strap her in her high chair and give her food she could eat her self and that kept her happy most of the time, she now has a little table and chairs and as soon as I say food she goes and sits there, think it makes her feel like she's a big girl, as 4 other things I find saying her name and then a big no, is working ok 4 now 4 us hope u 2 work out what works 4 the both of you smile
Sometimes I would prefer a lazy baby wink

I have a friend whos DD is 6 weeks older than my DD and she just sits there playing with her toys and watching cartoons blink

Normally I dont mind bubs high energy and she always has us in stiches laughing at her antics, and she knows it too laugh
i don't think she is naughty i never said that.... was suggesting the porta cot or cot to keep her safe if you need some time out if she is super busy smile
Yes I do, I have posted on this topic before wondering if DS has ADHD! I am also a bit concerned at times. Nappy changing is the worst, lots of struggling and tears. Now I try and give him something new to play with each time we change like my cellphone or watch or something! Lucky he is pretty good in carseat and highchair (though does like banging things). He's into everything though and constantly bumping his head! Hopefully they will grow out of it, don't know what to do either sad

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