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What is a typical day like with a newborn? Lock Rss

Firstly - congrats! You are about to embark on the most wonderful time of your life! You will never laugh as much, cry as much, be as tired or as happy as when you have a baby. I agree with all the replies so far - some good advice! The only things I can add are -

Trust your instincts. 99% of the time they are right. You are so connected to your new baby, so trust that what you think is best for him/her is - you know your baby best.

Everyone told me to sleep when baby sleeps, but even though you're exhausted, it's really hard to sleep during the day, when you know washing needs to be done etc etc. The best thing I did (and now he's 9 months and won't sleep on me anymore I wish I'd done this more!) was to let him sleep on my chest sometimes during the day. It forced me to stop and rest, and the bonding you have with your bay - snuggling him close and watching his little face smile and frown and blow bubbles in his sleep - priceless!

Try to appreciate them at each stage. Yes the first 6-8 weeks are very very hard, but there are so many tiny moments that you'll look back on with regret if you don't appreciate them when they happen. Babies grow so so quickly, and before you know it they have moved on to the next stage, and you realise that you should have spent more time stroking his soft little fingers while he sleeps/delighting in how fascinated he is by the chair leg, or leaves blowing in the wind/smiling at him while he makes squeaky little noises etc! Everything else can wait!

And finally, my Auntie gave me a great bit of advice (I've done this a few times now!) Some days are just going to be ***, so take the baby and just go back to bed!

Good Luck! smile
I think the only thing "hard" about having a newborn to me personally is the birth, being sleep deprived doesn't last that long and the fact your wee one is your first makes it easy, at least you can sleep when your baby does, try not to worry about housework, but then you probably don't have that since you don't have any toddlers wrecking havoc on your newly cleaned house, just relax and enjoy your newborn, it's the most rewarding and wonderful thing there is. I'm only speaking from experience, I have 4 kiddies (though one's a teenage) and my youngest is 10 weeks old, next is 2 and another who is 7, and having one is so easy compared to having more, but still only because when you're sleep deprived you can't just sleep wink Enjoy your sweet bundle, all the best smile
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