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Top five fears for bub Lock Rss

For me, mine were:
1. SIDS - for the same reasons as yours and also followed the recommended things to minimise the risk.
2. Fever/illness - again, similar reasons as yours, but more because of fear of the unknown. Again, many trips to the doctors.
3. Unknown potential disorders/illnesses/diseases - who knows what is going to crop up as they grow, scares me still!
4. What sort of people will they grow up to be? Working on that one every day!
5. Feeding - only for my 3rd, his weight gain slowed at 3mths, and stopped between 6 and 9mths. Lots of worry and a trip to the paediatrician later and he is now gaining weight at a sensible rate and is a real little man.
Love them all!
Ok for my now 12mth old so far its been:
1) SIDS- i don't think there's many mums who don't worry about this. I did the constant wrapping, sleep positioner routine and thankfully it's been all good.
2) Sleep Deprivation - Initially due to issues with breast feeding and reflux I never thought I may have gotten a proper nights sleep but eventually I did...I am a mum of one and do plan to have more so hopefully I strike a major winning streak with my next few to come lol
3)Hair loss - I know this is more a MUM thing but unfortunately I was one of the unlucky mums who experienced this quite severely after having my daughter & i've heard sometimes ur hair may never get back to normal after having kids but it seems to be better now THANK GOD!
4)Sticky Eye/Conjunctivitis - My bub got hit with this for approx from birth till 7mths and after a specialist appt and many many many tubes of saline & cotton balls which weren't working- i opted for the good ol rinsing with salt water from the beach and it worked like a charm!
5) Feeding - Just knowing how to do this correctly and even being mum was a bit challenging at first...once I switched my bubs to formula it did get easier...had some issues by the time she hit 5-6mths as she sometimes wouldn't finish a whole bottle but now thats definitely now a concern since shes eating solids and not depending on milk as much..thank God she had a great appetite.

Mama & Papi waiting 4 our precious lil gift from G

For me being a first time mother and still pretty young, my fears for my 7 month old are:

1. Contracting Meningitis-as I, myself contracted this around her age and because of my fear of this, no one is allowed to kiss my baby on the lips. Not even myself or the father.

2. Sleep Deprivation-I noticed when I was sleep deprived, I was cranky towards my daughter, I got frustrated and exhausted, but slowly it's getting better and easier.

3. Memory Loss-Sometimes I forgot what I was going to get from the fridge, what we did two days ago or the day before.

4. What kind of person will she become?Will she be like me, her father or someone else in the family?

5. Will she love animals as much as I do or will she shun away from them and be terrified of animals?
2. Am I doing the right things for my baby i.e. eating the right foods, interacting enough, talking anough
3. Will my baby suffer for the busy lives we currently have (they are currently unavoidable busy things)
4. Will I get PND
5. Is he developing properly
1- not being able to protect/ keep them safe all the time ( unrealistic I know)
2- what sort of men they will grow up to be, what kind of job and life will they have.
3- How will they cope at school, uni etc. every day stresses
4- Ho9w to keep them from falling off the rails.
5- will they still come and see us LOL
1. SIDS this one i worry about the most as a friend of mine lost her baby to it last year as well as a few other friends of mine.
2. Feeding am also one of those ppl who worry does my baby get enough milk.
3. Sleep Deprivation this one is mostly at night as when I am feeding my baby girl i start to nod of and when she wont feed prper I gert cranky not meaning to and start saying things i dont mean sad
4.Development I worry about this because I was induced with her as the placenta stoped working and so she stoped growing and I wonder what affect its going to have on her when she grows up.
5. reflux she has the silent reflux so at least once a day this happenswhen she is asleep and i go to check on her and there is spew everywere and i gotta change her bedding and her clothes and wipe her down. she is now 2 weeks and 2 days old.

I know this will sound strange, but what about drowning. It is pretty much SIDS, but it is mishandled. 10 times the amount of drownings result in permanent injury and nobody discusses that. It costs 158 million each year, and because it isn't a death, it is not recorded in the same place.
1 being a smothering mother. my mother doesn't give me room to breath and i am paranoid about doing the same.
2 sleeping through when she wants me. I get so tired i feel like i won't wake up.
3 illness. her getting sick for any reason
4 excluding dad. i wanna do all her feeds and everything myself and physically have to make myself share
5 feeding. is she eating to much or not enough am i doing it right am i giving her to much wind and not getting rid of it right
Mine would be:
Death or serious illness/injury
Not being there if they were harmed or worse
People 'interfering' with them
Drugs and disorderly behaviour as kids/adults
Them feeling as though we aren't there for them no matter what

I have a black belt in worrying.
1. SIDS or any other serious illness threatening my child's life or well being.
2. Autism. I have watched my eldest son struggle with this for his whole life. He's grown now and doing well, but there were immense difficulties along the way, especially bullying at high school. I desperately hope my other two children will be free from this condition, as it makes it so much harder to connect with people and be happy.
3. Car accidents. We do a lot of interstate car trips and I am terrified of losing a precious child in this way.
4. Abduction/sexual abuse. I work in the courts and have to listen to horrible accounts of child exploitation. I really struggle with the necessity of entrusting my kids to other people at child care and so forth.
5. As an older mum, I worry about something happening to me and not being here for my little ones.

Rhettholt wrote:
I know this will sound strange, but what about drowning. It is pretty much SIDS, but it is mishandled. 10 times the amount of drownings result in permanent injury and nobody discusses that. It costs 158 million each year, and because it isn't a death, it is not recorded in the same place.

My biggest fear is drowning... I have reoccuring dreams about this all the time.
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