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Your teething bub and you Rss

A teething bub can be very distressing. You aren't alone.

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My little girl's first 2 teeth came when she was just under 4 months and that was when we finally got her to sleep for more than 3 hours at a time at night(that went down the drain tongue).
At 8 months she got one top teeth then now at almost 9 months the second top and third bottom came out at once sad
I try to help with bonjela, teething rusks and a bit of panadol to help her sleep at night. I cuddle her more than normal too for more comfort smile.
my mum has 7 kids and she used frozen water iceblocks (packs of 50- NOT red or green as some children turn hyper on them colours)) on 5 of us, she sewed face washers so the ice blocks fited nicely so our hands did not freeze (they numb the gums)us older 5 never had any problems with our teeth BUT when my 2 youngest brothers father put bonjella on them their teeth had to be removed, so after talking to mum I feel confidant that the iceblocks worked the best. there are a lot of old remidies that work wonders for different things so also ask around and then pick and choose what you think is best for each of your children, just listen to everyone then pick what you like best!
before my daughter cut her teeth i just rubbed her gums now i have the first steps tooth brush and she absolutly loves it all i do is give it to her and she has the side to side front to back motion.
best part is that it removes any plaque that may be on her teeth smile
My daughter is going through teething at the moment, it started at about 3 and a half months, she had not had any cut yet, but there is plenty of swelling and when I rub her gums with bonjella (now sugar free) I can feel something underneath. She lives stuffing her fingers and hands in her mouth, the teething toys I have bought she does not show any interest in. some of my friends have the baltic amber necklaces for their little ones and.swear by them. occasionally use panadol our neurofen as a last resort, cause I hate to see her in pain.

One thing I did find the other day was an ice cold teat, she loved it and would not let it leave her mouth.
my son started teething at 12 weeks, he didnt cut any and it has settled over the last 4 days, i jsut purchased a teething necklace, so when he starts getting irritable again i'll use it and keep it posted as to how he goes with it smile
Wow! I just read up on the Baltic Amber Necklaces. I can't believe I hadn't heard of these before now. Baby Bean has commenced the dreaded teething stage, even though she is coping (for now), I am looking forward to trying one of these necklaces! Thanks grin
Where is the best place to buy them? Are there immitations to be concerned about coming across?
Hey guys... my sis expecting twins and I am so much excited about it. But I need your help that how will I take care of them I mean simultaneously both of them.
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We have found the amber teething necklace / bracelet work really well. We didn't want to leave it on when bub was sleeping but also didn't want to have bub being woken up in pain so we fasten the neckalce around her ankle, under her sleepsuit, so she can't get at it and there is no risk of choking.
Another thing we have found works wonders is Teethmed Relief spray from Naturopharm. Stops the screaming instantly and is easy to apply (if your bub will open their mouth).
I have an Amber Teething Necklace on it's way as week speak. grin

From what I have read on her it seems to get the thumbs up from everyone who is using them. Looking forward to trying it out.... but not the pain bubs goes through.
Hi my son had a amber necklace for a few months without any complaints or any crying until my mother-in-law gave him a bath and removed the necklace that evening before bed. All through the night he was constantly waking up in a lot of pain, crying. It drove me nuts and I couldnt work out why until I discovered his amber necklace on the kitchen table. I swear by them. I'll do anything to get a good nights sleep.......LOL
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