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Is this normal? She's farting though and it's smelly. Should add she is 5 weeks!

Tara, vic, Baby boy born 1st march2006

Is this normal? She's farting though and it's smelly

Breast fed babies can go 2 weeks without a poop. Dont stress too much, I give bub a rub sometimes in a circle motion like when they get wind also find more nappy free time so they can kick about. smile
My girl quite often went for 2 weeks. It's because breastmilk can be 100% used within Bubs body, and nothing to dispose of. She might be having a growth spurt and using up all those nutrients.

My son is 16 weeks and his farts really stink too lol so I imagine that its normal smile

ETA: He has also gone 2 weeks without a poo, so its normal, if he goes longer then go see the Doctors.
When my baby was a newborn he was on breast milk and formula. He didn't go for 4 days and I got all worried and phoned a helpline. Apparently, this is quite normal, especially in breastfed babies. As long as your baby seems happy and is feeding normally, it should be ok. It is also highly unlikely that your baby is constipated if she is on breast milk. Give it a couple more days and if there is still no action, give your child health nurse a call to put your mind at rest.
DD#1's record is 16 days! DD#2 is following in her footsteps smile

Our baby went once a week, when I was breast feeding her, also with groose farts! All good though. Enjoy it while you can!! Before they start going afew times a day!
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