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It's more than a guessing game these days. Sarah looks at the factors influencing your bub's height.

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my son is estimated to be between 172cm-192cm most likely to be 182cm my daughter is estimated to be between 159cm-179cm most likely to be 169cm.

In ft my son will be between 5'6"-6'2" and my daughter 5'2"-5'8"
How do i calculate my sons height.. what do i add up??
My son has been calculated to be between 176 - 196cms. He's 3 months old and is already 63cms & in 00's. He has big feet like his Dad (who wears size 16's). He's going to cost us a fortune in clothes lol smile It's all great fun though.
I find the whole concept of nature vs nurture so fascinating. My son comes from two average heighted parents (dad on the verge of being short, but I would never say that to his face), but our son is in the 90th percentile for height for his age. If he keeps this up he will have outgrown his father by the time he hits 10. Maybe its all the pregnancy vitamins that my mum kept telling me were a load of hocum because "they weren't around in my day and you turned out fine".
My daughter is 7 and above the 98th percentile for a 10 year old. DH 187cm and I'm 174cm. I think it's mainly genetics, and access to better food my DD always chooses berries and fruit over lollies and thinks olives are a special treat!
I'm pregnant with #2 will be interesting to see if she's a big girl like her sister!
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