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don't know if this is in right spot but i am after some advise from the parents on here, i have a 4 1/2 month baby girl who has weeping sore on her face, chest and arms. i have taken her to the dr 6 time and not happy with the result i get from them, she does have a dermatologist apt in 2 wks. so far i have tried qv lotion, pawpaw cream, sorbelene, alfa kerri? (spelling),dermaid,baby oil, goats soap and rose hip oil- i also only bath her every 2 days in only water with a tablespoon of oil in the water, i also try to dress her in pure cotton clothes but have found them both hard to find and expensive too. today i took her back to dr again i now have 2 different types of steriods to put on her skin as well as a antibiotic becasue he thinks she has a staff infection and also now have to give her anti hystamines that will stop her itshing and keep her drowsey so she won't scratch herself plus now i am to only bath her every 3-4 days- please any advice or ideas would be appreciated as i am getting really upse because i can only hold her to give her a bottle any other contact seems to either hhurt her or she winds up getting more rashes
Your poor DD. sad My DD started getting eczema at about 5.5 months. It wasn't until we saw a dermatologist at 12 months that we started getting better results. Definitely give her the antibiotics, and use the steroid creams sparingly, but it sounds like she needs them.
Some things to try if you haven't already - socks over her hands so she can't scratch too much, make sure her bath water isn't too warm, different washing powder with extra rinse to get rid of the product out of her clothes.
is she having breast milk or formula in her bottles. Could be something in your diet that is causing eczema, or a different formula might be better for her.
before you start changing anything, make sure you take some photos in case there is improvement in the next 2 weeks so you can show the dermatologist how bad she was.
we use Moogoo eczema and psoriasis cream as a moisturiser on DD, and 2 different steroid creams for flare ups. They also have moogoo stuff for in the bath.
hopefully you get some answers soon and you can start giving your DD lots of cuddles.
poor little bub i can totally relate my son has bad eczema and dermatitis we tried so many things to and still are trying new things (he is almost 5)only thing i can really suggest other then what your already doing and until you see the specialist is try changing your wash powder the only one i can use is omo sensitive
good luck i hope you find something that works for her
[i]my 2 yr old also has eczema. after dealing with sleepless nights for over 18mth. we changed her diet. she is presevtive and additve free. she discovered she has an intolerence to milk protein. rice milk helped with that too. with a change of lifestyle eczema has almost gone. and even her hyperectivity has clamed down. she has become the best little girl and she sleeps all night.
My 4 and half month old had eczema , i knew what caused it tho, i stopped using the fabric softener i was using and changed baby lotions.I also used sudocream it was gone in two weeks.
My ds is 18mths and has had eczema since 5 mths old, its gradully got wosre to the point last month where he wasnt sleeping at night and screamed eveytime I tried to bath him HE WAS COVERED!!. we Saw a different dr he put him on a cousre of oral steriods called pred mix for 5 days and at the same time 1% dermaid for 10 days. he wanted to see him after the 5 days for a follow up. The eczema was gone in 2DAYS!! At the follow up he said to continue with the dermaid as said before but also get a moisturiser with ALOE VERA in, I got the vasline intensive care with aloe vera and 15% sunscreen. he has been off the dermaid for a few weeks now only the vaseline and no sign of the eczema. I put the vaseline on after every bath, every nappy change.


I feel for you, our son got eczema after his 5 month immunisation (up until then perfect skin). I have taken him to doctor twice, and the 2nd time a different doctor gave us a solution called pinetarsol. You can get it free on prescription. We just wipe it on his skin for a few minutes before a bath/shower. It smells awful and is a bright yellow colour so be careful with your clothes, but it has been really good. After washing it off, redness is hugely reduced. We also use aveno baby soothing relied moisturiser cream. It keeps the skin soft and also stops him itching at night. The moisturiser the dr gave didnt work, and aveno was way better. Dr mentioned about using steriods and apparently is better to just use them in small doses, like use for a week then stop for a few weeks, then use again if needed. Not sure why. I didnt like idea of using steriods unless there was an absolute reason to (not that im judging smile just saying our case was thankfully not as bad as some as i have heard poor little babies having to be hospitalised). Oh one other thing that helped. Apple cider vinegar diluted in water. It is a natural healer, but be careful not too use if the skin is broken as it can really hurt (like lemon juice in a cut). Hope things heal with time, dr said for some kids they grow out of eczema around age 2 or 3.
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