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modern cloth nappies!!! Lock Rss

just want to know what people experiences are with them and what people find are the best ones to use and stay clear of.. as i am now just getting my little man in to them.

thank you in advance
Hi smile

I use Cushie Tushies mcn's and have found they are really easy to look after and use. Only time I don't use them are on days like today when the rain has set in as I cannot get them dry. CT's are a bit pricey but worth it I think. They can be used as a full cloth nappy or as a hybrid nappy with a disposable insert in them.


thanks for that might have to go and have a look now smilesmile
I have tried 2 types, the first was Pea Pods. They were ok for a while but i have to say, after full time use for 9 months, they are pritty much useless as the waterproofing doesn't seem to last.

After that i swapped to Cute tooshies Candies (different brand to Cushie tushies). These are fantastic, have been using them 7 months and they still look and work the same as day 1. They are also a one size fits all nappy so last longer than sized pea pods but would be bulky on a newborn. They are available through this site and can be quite reasonable when on sale (i got all mine for $20 each and i think there is a sale on now)

In general using mcn's, my DD is a heavy wetter so she has used a disposible at night since about 12 months as no cloth nappy and most disposables can't contain it all, but otherwise i have been really happy using the cloth all day.

My advice would be to grab a few different brands and try them out. I have found that there all different shapes and fit children differently. The ones i had for DD1 are the wrong shape for DD2 and just constantly leak. The brand i like the most for DD1 was itti bitti's (are quite expensive but i found them fantastic) however baby beehinds and bum genious fit DD2 the best.

Like the pp, i tend not to use them on rainy days or when it looks like rain, also found that i wasnt a fan of the night mcn's they were too bulky and found it really hard to get there clothes over the top.
i have found a company an hour away that do a library type of thing with a few different brand of mcn's in it and have now deiced to give that a go and see what works for my little man befor i start buying smile
well we have found the ones that work for us itti and bbh night nappy are the best as my DS doesn't wake up with puddles in his bed smile smile
Hi there,
I originally started out with traditional cloth nappies, as I could not come at the high prices of the modern cloth nappies, but found a pack of new modern cloth nappies on eBay so decided to give them a try. I have tried 2 different types, 'Real Nappies' and 'BabyLand'. I did not particularly like the 'Real Nappies' as I found they cut into my Bub's skin a bit, but I love the 'BabyLand' nappies. These nappies are also one size fits all, which I also really like.
Have a nice day! smile
I couldn't be happier with my Baby Beehinds! Fitted bamboos for night and smooth MagicAlls with velcro for day. I bought them new on special and outlaid about about $400 for enough nappies to keep 2 bubs in nappies fulltime. My eldest is out of nappies now so I sold half the nappies and recouped $100. Even after over 2 years of constant use they are still in great condition, elastic good, no stains, colours bright. They were a great buy.
I bought pea pods on recommendations from lots of site and the sales lady. My son hated them, he wouldn't sleep in them and really kicked up a stink. He also got too big for them really quickly. So they sat in the cupboard and I sold them for $5 each. Lost $15 per nappy, was pretty much a waste of money.

1. Buy them second hand - sounds gross but you can try them cheaply.
2. Buy bigger - he/she will grow.

Anyone interested in cloth, check out [url=""]itti bitti[/url] this month! During March they have their "Festival of Fluff" where each day they have a different fabulous sale or giveaway. I love itti tongue

I have tried Cushie tushies, Bonnibuns, Peapod, Flip, Bumgenious, CGR, Junglebumz, Holdens Landing, BabyBeeHind, Genesa Forge and Miamoo (i think thats all i've got lol)

My favourite by far are Junglebumz but because she is a WAHM it's hard to get a lot of her nappies but i was lucky,

If you are looking for pretty nappies then anything by a WAHM are the way to go Bonnibuns are awesome and are OSFM and have last through my 2 kids and are still going strong.

I used to love cushie tushies for about the first 3 months and then they just started to fall apart the elastics are gone there is holes through the boosters and the minky has just gone yuck

if you want really trim super absorbent nappies then Flip are my favourite they are made by bumgenious and are an insert just put into a shell and if the nappy isn't soiled you can just change the insert and keep using the same cover and they are so trim it just looks like they are wearing a disposable.

I agree with a previous poster to try a lot of different ones to see what works for you see if any of your friends have some nappies that you can look at and try on bub to see if you like them nappies libraries are also a good way but i've never actually found one near me. good luck

There is a buy and sell new and use cloth nappy page on facebook that you might pick up some cheapies

are you in oz or nz? if in nz can i ask where you get the bumgenious from as I haven't been able to locate any.

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