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Huggies Nappies made in USA inferior quality Lock Rss

We are genuinely disappointed to hear your complaints about our nappies, and we are doing our best to respond to your concerns in a very open way on our forum.

It is important to the Huggies Team that our members are able to leave their unfiltered feedback about our products, and we can reassure you that all of your comments are being passed onto management.

That said, if you have specific questions about any of our products our Customer Advisory Service are the best team to help address your concerns. We would encourage you to call Christine, who will be able to answer any questions that you have; her direct number is (02) 9963 8047. Alternatively our Customer Advisory Service freecall number, and email address, can be accessed in the link.

We would also like to reiterate, that we haven’t changed anything on our Australian made nappies when the number of nappies in the box was reduced. The US Walker was imported to help with a temporary supply issue and was manufactured as closely to our specifications as possible and has been designed to perform the same. There are some differences in the design as they haven’t been designed for Australian babies.

Thanks again for taking the time to leave your feedback.

unique1 wrote:
HuggiesModerator wrote:

Thanks again for taking the time to leave your feedback.
excuse my ignorance but what is the difference between australian babies and american ones I thought babies were babies no matter where they are and require the same things, so I was wondering why the nappis are a different design to each other as I am pretty sure if I happened to have my babies over there they will require the same nappies as when they are here

Totally agree with this comment. I must say that when we were in the UK the sizing and quality is different as well. Would have thought that babies and parents all around the world are looking for a great product that fits well and keeps there babies dry. No matter what county they are from. Very difficult when travelling and looking for something that you would normally rely on.

I have now received a complimentary box of Australian-made, Huggies, Boy, Walker, 13-18kg. Thank you. (Interestingly enough, the delivery man commented on how many of these he was delivering lately.) I had also purchased my own (a small expensive pack for exclusive night use). After a week of the Australian made nappies, we have still had about 5 leaky nights, so gro bag, pyjamas, singlet, and baby are damp with urine every morning. In comparison the USA-made nappies leaked so profusely at night everything was saturated (so any claim that the USA-made nappies are of similar quality is just plain ridiculous). Unfortunately for the Australian-made nappies, near enough isn't good enough, and we are at our wits' end about having a wet baby and bedding every night. We have never experienced this before in four previous winters, so any argument that babies wee more in winter, and thus to be expected, is not a convincing one. I understand you have reiterated that you have not changed the quality of the Australian-made nappies, but for many people to be saying that in fact they have leaky Australian-made nappies, one has to wonder if you can still categorically deny that the quality of Australian-made Huggies has not been changed?
We had the same problem with the USA manufactured nappies! We are still trying to finish the USA rubbish ones and we were lucky enough to could take the second box of USA rubbish back and got a refund. We bought as much of the AUS made nappies as we could get our hands on as well as some of the next size. Hopefully we will have our boy potty trained by the time we run out of AUS nappies. This is unfortunately what we are going to face more and more in AUS due to price pressure on manufacturers. A lot of manufacturers are value engineering their products and offshoring manufacturing to try and save costs. In the process they are making more money as well. This borders on misleading the public as the box that the nappies came in looks almost identical, yet the quality of the USA product is vastly inferior to the AUS manufactured product.
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