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Sleeping through the night Lock Rss

What age did your baby start sleeping through the night?

Here's how I got my baby to sleep through the night

Depends on how you are defining 'sleeping through the night'. Sleeping through the night is a bit of a one does that; we all wake in cycles throughout the night. Some people can roll over, go back to sleep and that's it. Others, including children, either can't get back to sleep or can't get back to sleep without help. If you want to take the accepted definition though, that's a minimum of 5 hours in a row.

DS1 was about 11 months.

DS2 was 7 months the first time he did; that lasted 3 weeks and he 'slept through', on and off, for the next 4 months. The second time he consistently did it, he was about 13 months.

They both wake in the night still and they are 9 and 5 on Saturday; they don't usually need us for anything when they do wake and we usually only know if we hear them, or get up in the morning and their are signs, like lights on or doors to bedrooms open.

I'm wondering this too. Looking forward to more posts.

At two months he started sleeping through, after a week or two he settled into a 12-14 hour night regularly. Recently (four months) he has started waking occasionally needing an extra feed during the night.
My DD has been considered sleeping thru since 3 1/2 mths. This is where I have not needed to go to her room for feeds or comforting during the night, until the next morning when she wakes. Of course all this is thrown out the window if she is unwell understandably. She is now 2 yr 10 mths.
I was so lucky when bubs was born 4 days after leaving the hospital bubs was sleeping 10 hours undistubed for the night smile.

Both of mine starting sleeping about 11-12 hours per night at 8 weeks. For the month prior to that they both only woke once per night as well. Of course the go through phases when teething or learning a new skill that's mucks it up a bit but that only lasts a couple of days.

My DD has never slept through the night yet and she will be 1 on Wednesday smile

mine both started sleeping through at 4 months.
I forgot with my ds. My dd is 5 kilo at 8 weeks, (born at 37 weeks) so I think she may take longer due to her weight. I have noticed her waking for short feeds Lately at night. Not even able to offer the second breast she makes a face. Is this a sign that she will sleep through soon? Or does she just want to be comforted back to sleep.

Please tell... mum of 3 cuties !

My little girl is 3months this week. She started doing 5-6 hours a night from 4 weeks then all of a sudden last week she slept from 10pm until 6am for 4 nights and has done that every night this week! I breastfed on demand and she feds approx every 3-4hours during the day and has a fed around 7pm then 9 then bed smile
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