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A cold or teething??? Lock Rss

My 5mth old son just today has had a runny nose and has been very upset and unsettled with a slight temp. What can I do???????? Does this sound like a cold or teething?????? I really need some advice

Mumma of 3.

I have just tryed to give him his bed time bottle he has hardly had any of it. I've put him to bed and he is just screaming his lungs out??

Mumma of 3.

Hi there,

Has he had any other signs of possible teething? Like pulling his ears, chewing or chomping down heaps, red cheeks, swollen gums etc? If not it sounds more to me like a cold. I would suggest try some infant panadol or if you are really worried take him to the drs to get checked. It can't hurt!

Take care and hope he is better soon smile
I would be guessing a cold. When DD first got her cold she was runny nosed, clingy, temperature, and upset. I would give him some panadol to help ease the pain and reduce the temp and if you have one put a vapouriser in his room and maybe some eukybear on the chest.

If it is a cold you could be in for a rough night you poor bugger!

The vapouriser will help keep nose clear as the temp outside drops and will help him sleep better.

I had to nurse bubs to sleep at night when she had a cold and she would often wake hourly crying.

Good luck
My 5.5 month old has a runny nose and was a bit unsettled, a slight fever (not high enough for panadol) and was recently waking up to 5 times in one night and guess what..a tooth has appeared! So it seems they have the same symtoms. Good luck and I hope it is only teeth.

Mum to Brianna born 24 November 2005

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