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4pm-6pm what to do????? Lock Rss

Hi everyone
I have a beautiful DD who is 10 months old, we have fun during the day, shopping, visiting friends etc but come 4pm when shes up I find it difficult to keep her happy and occupied until bed time. 5.30 is usually dinner then hubby is home and he sort of takes over. But between 4 and 5.30 what does everyone else do? I think its too late to take them out to shops etc- toooooo cold lately- I have dvds etc that she likes, but we watch them during the day too. She doesnt really like going for a walk in the pram- gets aggitated, I end up carying her the way home....... any suggestions????????????

that time is awful isnt it
Lillie loves the supermarket so i usually go and get things for dinner, or i pop her in the stroller and wheel her round the house while im doing things,giver her a rusk,its a really hard time every day,although as soon as hubby gets home he easily occupies her

Lillie....1 year old!!!

We go out for a walk around the park where there are lots of poeple and dogs to look at; usually a rusk in the pram is pretty good for our little one. By the time we get home we let her play around on the floor or leave her in the pram to take in the washing. If she is really hungry we give her dinner around 5pm or get her ready for a bath. You could try setting up a picnic rug in the backyard, or on the floor of your lounge, and blow some bubbles with a bubble blower or with plain dishwashing liquid, that will be fun and pass the time. Hope this helps.

HI Lisa,
I often go for a walk, but if you've already been out and it's too cold you may not want to do this!
It can be a difficult time of day, til dad gets home, but here's a few suggestions.
Can you move your stuff around in kitchen cupboards so she can have her own cupboard? I did this and he loves to get into it and pull all plastic boxes etc out all over the floor. This is handy when you are getting dinner ready.
Also putting highchair in kitchen while you prepare dinner, so they can supervise you. I also give DS a bit of carrot to chew on whilst doing this and he loves it!
Put some music/radio on and have a dance!
I like to watch a tv program at 4.30 so I sit him next to me and we eat a piece of fruit together, usually manage to see my 1/2 hr of telly!
Balloons! My Ds loves them, also build towers out of old formula tins etc, he races towards them like a wee bulldozer & knocks them flying!
Read a couple of books.
Have a tidy of the toys, I know they're only young, but probably a good habit to get into.

That's a few for the moment, hope this helps.

Jen and 13mth Harvey

Hi Lisa,

I find that time of day a bit tricky with my 8 month old too. We usually end up just playing on the floor together building block towers and smashing them down, or just having cuddles and tickles and looking at books. When Nina gets cranky I find if I let her sit on my knee at the computer she can bash the keyboard while I show her photos of herself - she absolutely loves looking at photos, and I make them nice and big on the screen for her.
I like southaussie's bubble blowing idea, might try that one soon! smile

This new forum is strange ...

Hmmmm this is my sons cranky time too, I find that I have to bath him at about 4 - 4:15 then play/sit TV till 5pm when we have solids then he watches "Deal or No Deal" with dad and bottle at 6pm. He is much more settled after that, really when it he gets too restless I just fill him up with milk and try to rest him a bit, he is teething though so Heinz Rusks are keeping him entertained at the moment (worked a treat yesterday!) smile

Thats a good question Lisa. 4pm is usually wake time after a nap so DD has a snack. She will sit on my lap eating it and we will watch some-thing on TV (or a DVD). When she is ready she will pop down and play with her toys. I can usually potter around and she will be happy, as long as I check back in on her or sing/chat while I am in other rooms.

When she is in a clingy mood, we will do things like go for a walk, sit/play outside, read some books, play with toys together. A more recent thing is I will bring the dry clothes in and put them on the chair in the lounge. DD 'helps' me fold - kind of fun I suppose, although takes so much longer. On occasion I will give her some pots and pans, or things from the cupboards - just for some-thing different.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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