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nappy advice please... Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
Im being a bit cheeky asking this here but i wasnt sure who to ask.
We are starting to save and work out what we need for me to be able to take a year off work and would love if anyone could share experiences of reusable nappies. Ive done a bit of research and tots bots ezifit all in one have quite good reviews. Has anyone used them or do you have another recommendation for reusable nappies? Is the effort worth the savings?
Thanks heaps smile
I had a couple of Bambaloo Baby mcn's which I used until DS was 2 and they didn't fit so well. They were very good and easy to wash etc. Only downside is the inserts take ages to dry on the line in winter, so if you are going all the way with MCn's get extra inserts..
I am using Bambooty nappies for bub. I use these nappies while we're at home, and Huggies when we're out and about.
I find that bub's bum doesn't get red as much when using cloth nappies, as they breathe better than paper nappies.
I leave them in a bucket with water and a little wool wash until I have enough for a load. I find it a bit tidious sometimes, but believe it's better for bub. In terms of money it's definately worth it even when you take washing into account. The nappies fit from Newborn (although a bit big then...) until bub is toilet trained, and I've heard the nappies will last for several kids too.
I swear by our reusable nappies. We have spots n bots and bubeez nappies. Both of them I bought from their stall at a baby boutique market, so saved heaps with their market specials. As far as the other perks that come with using cloth, I've written about them on my blog

Also, another great way to save is to make your own washable wipes. You can find a tutorial for that here if your interested!

Sewing my way through pregnancy -

Thanks everyone for your thoughts! I really appreciate your advice and comments. The blog was really interesting and good food for thought smile i hadn't considered reusable wipes too.
At this stage i am thinking reusable by day and disposable by night. Bamboo backed mircofibre seems to be a good answer to the slow drying boosters so will look into that. Thanks again smile
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