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Baby Monitor Lock Rss

Just after some advice on what's the best Baby Monitor?
I'm a first time mum, so everything is very new and the information is overwhelming.
I had an Oricom one and found it very good.

I liked that I could talk to the baby from the other room through the monitor - it was like having a walkie talkie lol. It also had a temperature monitor which was handy. I also liked that I could turn the sound off on the parent unit and when baby cried it would just flash the lights instead. If he was really crying then all the lights would flash and it would beep and wake me up. This worked better for me than hearing and being woken by every little sniffle he made as he was a noisy sleeper.

It also has 5 lullaby songs on it which I still use now at my son's bedtime - he loves them. They run for about 15 mins then turn off. It also has a night light which I still use now for my boy. So still getting my money's worth even though I don't use the parent unit anymore.

Hope that helps. Maybe find a few baby monitors in your price range and then do a review search on Google if you don't get too many replies here.


Some monitors use your home wifi so my advice is to make sure you change the default password on any wifi enabled monitor you end up going with. There have been recent cases where 3rd parties have hacked into cameras and used them to talk directly to bubs in their cots. Don't worry though, it's easily avoidable as long as you have your own unique passwords on all of your devices smile
If looking for a standard baby monitor then the oricom one is great. As mentioned above. We use that one now our DD is older. When she was little we used wifi camera system which i loved as could see her sleeping. We just link ours up internally only. We used a foscam.
Unfortunately I had the opposite experience with an oricom monitor. Worked for about a month then died. Went to replace it and was there at the same time as someone else also replacing their oricom monitor.

I just had the basic sound only one. Replaced it with a cheap Motorola one which so far works fine.

I would have liked a monitor with video and all the extra features but couldn't justify the additional cost and to be honest the basic sound only one does what it needs to.
I highly recommend Angel care sound and movement monitor. I love the fact that it has the sensor pads as they give you such peace of mind. You can use one pad when bubs is small and in the bassinet and then add the second one when in the cot. I used mine for 2.5 years with my son and will use it again when this bubs comes along.

If you really want a video they have an option with video as well
I am a fan of Oricom camera monitor too, after being used constantly for over a year one of the buttons isn't working so well, but with a 3 year warranty you can't really go wrong IMO smile

i brought the angel care monitor as it has the movement detector which im most concerned with. Detects breathing alerts if stops. Also has sound but we didn't get the video.
Oricom monitor with breathing sensor. My Thomas got a head cold at 2 weeks of age, this put my mind at ease while he slept that he was still ok!!! Also gave me the confidence to sleep while he slept and I didn't get up a million times to check on him.
Hi Cass just thought that I will give you a different point of view. For my first child I did not want a monitor as I did not want to hear every little noise and when he went in his own room we move into the room next door until he sleep through the night and we were comfortable to move to the other side of the house. That was six year ago. With my six week old we talk about getting a monitor as we move to a two story place but after a few days we decide against it as we could hear him cry from downstairs even with the TV on.
Good luck in finding a monitor but I thought I will let you know that you do not need one

didn't have one for baby number one, actually bought one when he was about 7 when we moved into a massive house and his bedroom was up the other end. it was just for my mental health as id never been that far away from him.

for second baby i used the cheap kmart on i had already bought and it was about $100. anyway I prefer to have it off as hearing every little whimper makes my jump and stress out, whereas i can clearly hear her if she's crying etc and genuinely needs me. I live in a small place again. i had it on the first few weeks, but after that i found it meant i didn't 'turn off' my mummy brain and have a few mins to myself when she slept - they make a lot of noise when the sleeping or going to sleep. i actually grumbled at the 10 year old who pointed out baby was grizzliny and we could clearly hear her grizzle, then he turned on baby monitor so we could 'listen more' and i said i don't want it louder, i CAN hear her with my own ears and making it louder olyn stressed me out.

If i lived alone id probably take it out with me to peg out washing but its a bit out of its range and makes a lot of static noise, so i just tell my father in law next door to let me know if he hears baby crying and he diligently listens for me as i peg out washing. my point being its a lot of money to spend to peg out washing.
I prefer AngleCare baby monitor.
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