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Best laundry detergent for baby clothes Lock Rss

Hi all,
I'm a first time mum and am wanting to know which laundry detergent and softener is best to use for washing newborn/baby clothes?
Thank you
Can't recommend a softener as I never use it, but with washing powder go for an unscented/low scent one if possible, and one with less enzymes and other irritants. I used the Planet Ark Sensitive one when my little one was a baby. Now he is a toddler and his clothes are dirtier I use one of the Woolworths own brand ones which comes in a giant box and costs half as much as the others. It has less fragrance and works fine in my machine and the kids have had no skin issues at all (which they do have when I use fancier brands).
Hi, I just chuck my son's clothes in with everyone else clothes when I do washing. We use omo sensitive for everyone as I get allergies when doing the washing if I use regular detergent... otherwise I'd just use whatever is cheapest. I thought when I was pregnant I'd wash his clothes separately in soap flakes but there was no way I had time to do that and realistically with hindsight it would have been a waste of time.

I'd just try whatever you use for everyone else and go with that unless it causes a rash as it's way too much work to do anything different when you've got all the extra work of a newborn.
Am O Lin baby clothes wash is good. That's what I use, it's non scented and non allergenic. A lot of of the baby powders for clothes washing are much of the same, they're all pretty good.

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