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We have been using Huggies nappies ever since our daughter was born. She is now 9 months old and yesterday somehow we had leaking nappies 3 times in a row. I think we have a pretty good idea of how to put nappy on by now and can't figure out why it kept on leaking. So now we just put in a new nappy from a new batch as we thought perhaps the nappies in that whole batch were defective? But we could be wrong. Any thoughts?
We had this a couple of times with my son (now 2 1/2) and worked out that we had the most leakage issues as he was nearing the weight cut offs for each nappy size (eg/. just about to move up a size). We started off being cautious about putting him in the bigger size too early but found that waiting was just resulting in leakages.
So far with our daughter we haven't had that issue but have been changing nappy sizes sooner rather than later.
In general Huggies are really good so it may be a defective batch so definitely check that theory!
Agreed for me new and frequent leaking is a sure sign that it's time to go up a size.
Thank you for the replies. I certainly thought so too.

Its 3.30am and she just wetted her bed again (this would be 5-6th leakage problem in 2 days). The only thing to oppose the theory of wrong size nappy is that her nappy isnt full. Its not the thick full nappy that you would expect to see when its overfilled and thus causes leakage.

This is the second batch we tried as we bought a few cartons when they were on sale at woolies. Im suspecting they may all have the same problem.
Being the wrong size isn't just about how much it can hold. It's how well it fits around the legs. Even a small amount of wee will leak if the nappy doesn't fit.

Personally I'd just buy a pack in the next size up and test whether that solves the problem. If it isn't the problem you'll use them in the next few months anyway so it's not a waste of money and my next step after that would be to see if a different type of nappy works as they all fit differently.
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